Best Practices for web development

Web application can be easily developed with the help over internet but developing good quality of Web application is the challenging task. For that some of the practices one should consider.  Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Select technology stack as per the nature of the application

There are various technologies available for both frontend and backend. These gives good choice of about which technology to be picked. Usually, people follow  the fancy new technology without understanding how suitable it would be for the. Choosing right technology stack is the key thing for any web application.

  • Design Architecture keeping requirement in mind

Application with better architect would not have many scalability or quality related issues. Such applications are easy to manage and enhance as well. In contrast, application having poor architect designs needs to redevelop some portion of code with the requirement changes.

  • Develop simple and elegant user interface

It is necessary to have user interface simple, elegant and easy to understand.  Reason behind this is the user interface is the one which end users see and care about most. Please read our detail article on Importance of user interface.

  • Use jQuery to enhance user interface

jQuery and Javascripts are the good tools to enhance and implement cool functionality on UI. Prefer to use it wherever there is need to perform client-side operations.

  • Organize your code

Keep your code well organized with good naming convention and proper commenting. Keep in mind when application will need to enhance functionalities, at that time it would be very difficult to maintain unorganized code.

  • Use Async call to improvise performance

Async call both from frontend and backend would help you to improvise performance. As separate thread executes the actions hence it won’t delay main execution thread.

  • Pay attention on security

The security attacks are very frequent in these days. So you should have taken all care to keep your application protected from security attacks.

  • Catch all the error cases

You must have to figure out all possible error scenarios and have caught the same.

  • Prefer cloud

Nowadays cloud services are available at very reasonable prices and as per the requirement as well. You can also scale cloud servers whenever you need. So why to spend money and effort in build and managing own hardware servers. Go for cloud and get rid of these efforts so that you can focus on your application development.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will web development do?

Web developers will create and maintain the websites. They are responsible for site technical aspects, like its performance and capacity, which are the major for measuring a website’s speed and traffic. Also, web experts might develop the content for a site.

2. What is a web developer?

A web developer is a technical programmer who develops a worldwide application using a client-server model. This app frequently uses HTML and CSS in the client, whereas PHP, React or Java in its server. They use http for any conversations between the client and server. A web developer may have the skill in Front-end applications, back-end applications or as a Full-stack developer.

3. Define the Full-stack web development

A full stack technology means an in-depth knowledge of the computer system app, and the full stack developers can handle the two separate web development domains; front-end and back-end. A front end has everything that a client can view and interact with.

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