Best Practices To Create React Website SEO Friendly

The higher your Website rank, the better the traffic you will get on the same, and there are chances of lead conversion. If we think about JavaScript libraries, then allow your Website to become SEO friendly.

In this article, we will talk about major reasons to select ReactJS, the challenges of creating a React SEO-friendly website, and the best practices to solve a similar problem to make it SEO-friendly.

What is SPA?

A Single-Page Application is a web app development integration loaded via a single HTML page to become more responsive. This page then updates the body content of a single document through JavaScript APIs like XMLHttpRequest and fetches when the various content is to be executed.

Single Page Applications are the most important part of website development because of their user responsiveness and user-friendliness flow. While making single-page websites, SEO-friendly is a challenging task. But great front-end JavaScript frameworks like React JS, Angular, and Vue will make the job easy.

Why should you use React?

1. Stability in Code

Regarding ReactJS, you should be confident about a code’s stability. You have to change something in the code, then the changes are done in that particular component, as it will not change the parent structure.

2. Workable Development toolset

When you are changing the development with ReactJS, then your process of coding needs to be simplified as you have a developer toolkit. The tool’s help makes the development process easier and will save a lot of time.

It uses the toolkit for Firefox and Chrome as it is present in the browser as an extension.

3. Declarative

The DOM is declarative in ReactJS. Wecan create interactive UIs and change the state of the component. ReactJS will update the DOM automatically.

Therefore, creating an interactive UI and debugging it is much easier and simple. You are required to change a program state and view if the UI is good. You can also create the modification without worrying about a DOM.

4. Boost the Speed

React experts can use every aspect of their app on both the client and server sides, so the coders spend less time coding. Various programmers can work on the app development’s elements that don’t affect and disturb the logic of the mobile app.

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What are the challenges that are making ReactJS website SEO friendly?

React SEO is a very challenging task, but it is achieved with ReactJS and helps you to get a great Google ranking and deliver amazing results. Let’s see some of the challenges which generally occur during a development phase:

1. More loading time

They are parsing and loading the JavaScript, which will take much more time. As JavaScript requires the user to build the network calls to execute any content, the user has to wait until he is helped with the requested information.

2. Sitemap

A site map is a file where you have to mention all the data about every page of your Website and will describe the connection between those pages. It will result in search engines like Google crawling the websites quickly and properly.

React didn’t have an in-built system to create sitemaps. If you are using the React router to handle the router, you will get some tools that generate the sitemaps.

3. Lack of Dynamic Metadata

Single-Page applications are developed dynamically, giving a seamless experience to a user so that they can view all the essential information on the single application page only.

Metadata is not updated on the spot when the crawlers click on the SPA link. Hence, when Google bots crawl a website, they consider that page empty, and Google bots are not indexing that particular file.

However, an engineer will fix the issue of ranking the page by developing individual pages for google bots. Creating separate pages leads to another challenge related to business expenses, and the ranking procedure is also affected a little.

How to create your Website SEO-friendly?

ReactJS website ranks higher on the search engines to reach your target audience. Let’s take a look:

1. Isomorphic React Apps

Isomorphic React applications can work on both client and server-side applications. With an isomorphic JS, you can work with ReactJS applications and fetch rendered HTML files generally generated by the browser. However, HTML files are being executed for everyone who is trying to search for specific apps, along with Google bots.

With client-side scripting, an app will use this HTML file and continue to operate on the browser. Data is added using JavaScript; if needed, the isomorphic apps remain dynamic.

Isomorphic apps make sure that a client can operate the scripts or not. When the JS is not active, code is rendered on the server, and the browser will fetch text and meta tags in HTML and CSS files.

Moreover, creating real-time isomorphic applications is a challenging task. These two frameworks will make the process of the same quicker and simpler: Next.js and Gatsby.

Gatsby is an open-source compiler that permits developers to make robust and scalable web applications. The biggest issue is that it needs to provide server-side endearing. It will generate the static Website and create the HTML file, which is stored in the cloud.

Next.js is a React framework that helps experts create React applications without issues. It will also enable automatic code splitting and hot code reloading.

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2. Pre-rendering

Pre-rendering is the other option for making your web apps visible with a high ranking. A pre-renders will get to know if any search bots or crawlers are detecting web pages and offer the cached static HTML version of your Website. It will load a normal page if a user sends a request.

The procedure behind fetching HTML pages from a server is pre-rendering. HTML pages are uploaded already, and it is cached in advance with Headless chrome; it makes the process for the developers smooth and easy.

Pre-renders have a priority to transfer any of the JavaScript code into the basic HTML, but it keeps the data changing frequently, and then they might need to be fixed.

What are the best practices to make your React Website SEO-friendly?

1. Create the static or dynamic web applications

Single Page Applications are difficult to fetch by Google regarding SEO. Static or dynamic web apps use server-side rendering that helps the Google pods to crawl the Website smoothly.

For instance, if every page of the Website has valuable information for the user, then the dynamic Website is your choice. If you plan to promote the landing pages, you should opt for the static Website.

2. URL case

Google bots consider the page separately when their URLs have lowercase or uppercase. Now, we will consider these two URLs separately due to differences in their case. Avoid common blunders, and try to generate the URL in lowercase.

3. 404 code

For any page with an error in data, run the 404 code. Hence, try setting up files in server.js and route.js as soon as possible. Updating the files with server.js or route.js can increase traffic on your web application or websites.

4. Not to use hash URLs

It is not the major issue, but the Google bot does not view anything that comes after a hash in URLs.Hence, the Google bot is enough to crawl https:/ /.

5. Use <a href> if required

The standard error with SPAs is using an <div> or <button> to change the URL. This problem occurs because of how we used the library in your project.

Google bots process the URL and can search for more URLs to crawl with <a href> elements.

If an element <a href> is not found, then the google bots will not crawl URLs and pass the PageRank. Hence, along with this tag, the Google bot fetches another page and goes through them.


React Website SEO-friendly is a tricky, complicated, and challenging task. However, logical practices and necessary points to overcome these challenges will make React SEO an interesting and amazing job.

If you want to avoid all of these fussy tasks, then taking the help of React developers will help you to make the website rank high on the search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is SEO friendly?

SEO-friendly content is a kind of content that is created in a manner that helps search engines rank high. Some marketers think that you should stuff it with keywords; then, it will help the search engines find, understand, and connect with the content topic you are trying to cover.

2. What is an SEO checklist?

On-page SEO is a procedure of optimizing actual content on your page. It will optimize the content and the content in the source code.

3. What is the React helmet used for in development?

React helmet is the component that dynamically controls a document’s head section. The key function is set into the document’s title, description, and meta tags.

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