Differentiate MERN and MEAN Stack Web Development

Difference MEAN and MERN Stack development

The stack development of applications has taken an advanced level in the last few years. Every web platform we see on the internet has two sides to its story. First is the front, the visualization of data viewed by the user, compromising its web design and the interface. The backend functions will manage all the data the user sees on the front of the screen. A backend compromises the server-side programming and its database. On the other side, it caters to tools and frameworks that will develop high-quality software. We have the expertise who will help you to create the web development with the various technology stack.

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack is the advanced approach for web development. It can refer to the collection of JavaScript-based web development technologies which will aid in creating robust websites and applications. MEAN is a free, open-source JavaScript framework with many in-built testing tools.

MEAN refer to as MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js. Let’s take a look at each of their functions.


It has the NoSQL document-based backend database. It stores high-volume data with the use of collections and documents. It will also save the information in the binary JSON format and extend the cloud functionalities.


It is the backend web application framework for creating APIs. It will design single-page, hybrid-page and multi-page applications. However, a node-based server layer will offer the logic for the stack development.


An open-source frontend JavaScript framework for the user interface. It will support the MVC design that can efficiently structure web and business applications. It will utilize HTML syntax while expressing different syntaxes.


A JavaScript-based on run-time execution environment on the server side. It will develop the networking and server-side applications. It forms the web frameworks for the I/O-based web applications.

Benefits of hiring the MEAN Stack Developer

A MEAN Stack developer is an excellent choice to speed up web or mobile app development. Let’s know some of the advantages below:

  • MEAN Stack developers will cover the entire development process from the front end to the app’s back end using JavaScript.
  • It has the MVC architecture, which will make the development of the application smooth and swift.
  • It works with prime technologies and uses MongoDB and Expres.js to work on the backend, whereas Angular.js and Node.js work on the front end.
  • It will use the framework in such a manner that will enable well-known plugins and decrease the time taken for the system administrator.

What are the Skill sets of the MEAN Stack Developer?

  • Have complete information about cloud technologies, architecture, integration and web designing.
  • Know about HTML and CSS
  • Understanding of SDLC and Agile environment
  • It is accessible on multiple frameworks for web creation and development

Why select MEAN stack?

MEAN Stack is flexible towards the code transmission within the other frameworks. One can create a robust framework which will support the daily requirements. It is adopted for small-to-medium scale projects.

It will extend the entire development cycle, from client to server side. However, the MEAN stack is ideal for robust frontend development, which is suitable for enterprises that need a single-page application with a dynamic user interface.

We will help you create full-stack web applications using the core technologies of MEAN.

MERN Stack

MERN Stack is the usual alternative to MEAN Stack, where the traditional Angular.js is replaced by React.js, making the development procedure more manageable and smoother.

Let’s see the component of the MERN stack in with some description and how it works in that framework.


Cross-platform, document-oriented scalable NoSQL database. It is a flexible platform that allows users to create schemas, tables and much more. After installation, it comes with the Mongo Shell, a JavaScript interface that performs querying, updating and deleting of the records. This database includes the environment setup, and it stores the application data.


It is the topmost layer of Node.js and supports the backend framework, which makes it easy to write the code of the backend. It will help design APIS and web applications and promote code reusability to ease the process of writing the code. It is intended to conduct simplified applications.


It is the frontend framework that is used for creating web applications. It will rapidly change the data and simplify the development of single-page and mobile applications. The JavaScript library helps the experts to create UI components and interfaces for single-page web applications. It will permit the edit and refresh of the page without reloading again.


The JavaScript run-time environment on which the users can run their code on the server. It supports the Node Pack Manager, a combination of the public and private nodes and is entirely free to download.

Benefits of hiring MERN Stack developer

MERN Stack’s expertise will design mobile and web applications using its standard processes and abilities. Let’s see some reasons why to hire MERN programmers.

  • It implements the design with its expertise in different technologies.
  • It maintains full-fledged development in a brief period.
  • It focuses on improvised solutions by maintaining a compelling user experience and delivering highly scalable cloud integration.

Skill Sets MERN Developer Must Possess

  • Be proficient in JavaScript and HTML
  • Understand the profile applications and optimize them
  • Have the complete knowledge of several databases and programming templates

Why opt for MERN Stack?

MERN stack React.js is the better choice for UI abstraction. It will execute the code development quickly, and due to its collection of dynamic user interfaces, it is already available within the library. It will easily control and update massive dynamic JSON data, flexibly navigating between the front and backend.

Differentiate MEAN Stack and MERN Stack

MERN and MEAN stack differs in their component alignment in their architecture. In the MEAN, it is Angular.js, whereas, in MERN, it is React.js. However, both Angular.js and React.js are utilized in organizing layers and have a sample of documentation and code which will cause a slight difference between them.

MEAN will use the AngularJS framework MERN Stack will use the React Js library
Google Inc backs it. Facebook Inc backs it.
It is the toughest and has a step-by-step learning curve. It is effortless to learn.
It has gone through significant alterations from version 1 to version 2 It performs better in comparison to Angular.js to maintain UI rendering
It will maintain the abstraction in coding and manages the files It will implement the code faster
It is preferable for an enterprise-level architecture It is preferred for small applications that require quicker development
It has ready-to-use features that support multiple third-party libraries It also needs additional libraries to support such calls
It offers better productivity for development React provides the low productivity
A data flow is bidirectional, meaning when UI is changed, the model state is automatically adjusted Unidirectional data flow refers to UI being changed only after the model state
It is preferable for handling small projects It is suitable for managing large projects

Wrapping up:

A wide range of technology stack avail in the market; MEAN Stack and MERN Stack has some similarities in their function with a slight difference. These both are growing in popularity as an integral part of Full stack development. Both MERN and MEAN are reliable frameworks. By reading the above blog, you can decide on the Stack as per your project requirements, which will help you increase your application’s revenue.

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Any development’s price depends on its features, complexity and the framework you select. For more information, you can contact the web application development companies like Bosc Tech Labs.

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