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Coin Toss

We often look for coins to toss ( coin flip ) while starting any match and it is hard to have coins to flip always. This app is the solution for this. You can toss the coin or we can say flip a coin with this coin toss app and start the match, no need to carry the coin with you during sports.

Go Ahead and install this little but useful this best coin toss ( coin flip ) app in the store.

Tough decisions to take and you are confused?

Use this coin toss (coin flip) app to make that easy. You can also control the time of coin flipping in this coin toss (coin flip) app so that during the toss you can hear yourself as to what decision you should take. The tossing coin will help you to take tough decisions and that’s proven psychological as well, so give it a try and install this best coin toss ( coin flip ) app. This heads or tails coin toss app will definitely help you to take decisions.

With this coin toss (coin flip) app you can do Best of three, five, or any to make your decisions. When you use this feature you will also see the current tally of heads or tails results. So, in the end, you can see heads or tails comes first.

Guess what, this amazing best coin toss app or coin flip app is FREE, Go for it and flip a coin with this coin toss app.

This coin toss – coin flip app is truly random based on API and it gives random heads or tails results. So, this is probably the best random coin flip app in the store.

Are you lucky or not? Are you passing through bad luck? Want to clear this doubt then install our coin toss app and flip a coin. If the result is as per your prediction then you are lucky and if it’s not as per your prediction keep using this coin flip app till the time result is not in your favor.

We don’t ask for unsafe permissions. Coin Toss (coin flip) app free, clean, and simple app to serve the purpose.

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  • Speak out and Vibration on result
  • Simple and elegant graphics
  • Tap the coin to get result either heads or tails
  • Adjust time as per your need
  • You can make Best of three, five to any.
  • Do not forget to provide your valuable feedback.

The graphics, looks, and feel of this coin toss (coin flip) app are simply specific to its purpose. The interface of this coin toss app makes it the best among the all other coin flip app in the app store. I am sure you will like it, Try it out!!

How To Use It:
– Adjust time
– Select Best of options 1 to 9 any
– Tap the coin or Shake the phone.
– In case of the best of the option selected more than 1, you can see how many times which side came.

After reading this, I am sure you are interested in this coin toss app, so don’t hesitate and install the best coin toss ( coin flip ) app and have fun!