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SIP Planner

SIP Planner is a FREE mutual fund calculator app and has all mutual fund calculators in one app. SIP Planner app helps you to plan your sip(Systematic investment) as per the goal amount and provide you with how many SIP you should start.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and install the SIP Planner app, You will like it.

SIP Planner app has not only SIP Planner in it but also has all mutual fund calculators like lump sum calculator, SIP calculator, SWP Calculator, and several useful features. This makes the SIP Planner app unique and better than other SIP planner apps.

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  • SIP Planner
  • SIP Calculator
  • SWP Calculator
  • Lumpsum Calculator
  • Retirement Calculator
  • Messages
  • Funds To Buy
  • Ask Us
  • SIP Calculator with detail
  • Multi Language support
  • Multi Currency support

Ask Us

SIP Planner has a feature called ASK US where you can ask your mutual fund-related query, and our financial expert will answer that without any charges. Take advantage of this feature and install the SIP Planner app now.

We have developed this SIP Planner application to help individual investors with their mutual fund investments. Kindly provide feedback on our efforts as it will help us to serve you better.