7 Reasons Why Mobile App Needs An Update Regularly

7 Reasons why we have to update mobile app regularly.1000X600

From the past few years, the most well-known operating systems, iOS, and Android have the record of millions of applications launched yearly to make your task easy. These apps are also constantly adding innovative and unique features and add-ons besides fixing the errors or bugs which force the users to update an app frequently. Every time a user updates an app and spends some extra data, there might be a reason some may not like the continuous updates.

Several apps are available in the market for a single task, and their updates are the easiest to find out. Mobile app development companies launch these mobile application updates to support and preserve the applications. To put them in context, let’s see some of the common reasons for the app updates.

What is mobile app development?

Mobile app development is creating mobile applications that will run on smart devices. It uses the device’s networking capabilities to work with computer resources remotely. Hence, a mobile app development mechanism must develop software that can install on the device, enabling the backend services for data accessible via APIs and testing the apps on the targeted devices.

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In 2022, it has been seen that the video platform YouTube ranked first with a 72% of the audience reach, whereas the social media platform Facebook ranked second with 57% of the audience. Google maps are accessed by only 56% of the mobile audiences in the United States, and most download and map and navigation apps in the U.S.

What are the Causes to update your mobile app?

1. Security reasons

A mobile update plays an essential role in in-app security and safety. An app development company’s only responsibility is to protect user data. Moreover, hackers and cybercriminals look for loopholes in mobile apps and websites. It is a fact that no security capacity will work for a more extended period. Hence, the first step is to stay quiet and away from these hackers. When they search for a resemblance of the loophole with your app security facility, it is time to integrate more advanced security in your app. Security is the most significant reason mobile app development companies update their applications.

2. To remain connected with technology

Technology advances regularly, and the app development industry has shared the fair advancement too. Hence, it is necessary to follow a drift in mobile applications. Due to this, many businesses have incorporated one or more mobile pay technologies to keep audiences busy with their services.

It has been seen that there is a boost in Google pay and Amazon Pay, and it is because they provide a quick service with high security. Therefore, if you have a retail mobile app and planning to implement one of the well-known money transfer modes, then it is a perfect choice. Hence, this process will make the audience feel valuable as they get all the services on time. So, for this reason, you must update the app equivalent to any technology.

3. Fix errors and app bugs

Quality testing of the app plays a vital role in making the app secure, safe, and valuable. Before launching a mobile application in the market, mobile app developers test the mobile app and make it bug-free. A new feature you add to your app will also come with a few bugs. If a bug stays in your app for a long time, then there is a chance that you will lose the users of your app. Hence, it is necessary to solve bugs fast when they are detected. An app must solve the error, but an app user does not notice it.

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4. Maintenance is easy for the loyal user base

Many times app users recommend the app developers some valuable features, and integrating these suggestions may lead to an augmented engagement by the users rather than guaranteeing that the experts value their advice.

The procedure of mobile app maintenance improves an application and guarantees a stable user base and devotion of its end users. Due to this, happy users recommend the app to their family members or friends. It is possible to share through social media channels; this mechanism will automatically increase app downloads.

5. Promotes the app

Many types of apps for specific use are available in an app marketplace. Many apps will do a similar job, and most users even install more than one app for a similar purpose. Each time the mobile app is updated, the user will get a notification about the latest update and features included in the app. Many people download an app but do not use it frequently. The app update reminds people they still have an app on their device, also used for promotion.


6. Adding the fresh features

A new implementation in the app will boost its capabilities to achieve a newer goal in this competitive market. All of these would necessitate app updates at not any schedule. As long as an app lifecycle is predefined and follows a timetable with the flexibility of user response, app updates are controlled by the mobile app expertise.

7. Connect with the audience

Publishing the app on the app store or Google store is not the end of mobile app development. Making an app successful in the market is the main aim of every business.

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To make it an achievement, you must stay connected with an audience that installs the app and returns for further updates. Active users wait for some development from your mobile application. If they do not get any improvements, they will definitely delete an app or stop using it after some time.


In summary, a delay in updating the mobile app can be horrible in the long run for the mobile app developer, as this app may lose existing users who have already downloaded it. Hence, you must take the correct steps with planning which permits you to make a change without any difficulty from your control panel before launching in the market.

We aid in knowing about any necessary app updates needed via usability tests and reports. Whatever mobile app you own, your app needs to be loved by the users to stay on the top and make it booming among the competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of updating a mobile application?

An update of the app cost varies depending on a lot of factors. A minor bug that needs a fixed line of code will cost about $50. If it has some major issue, it takes a maximum of two weeks, costing around $1,000 – $2,000.

2. What are the benefits of updating an app?

The primary benefit of updating the mobile app is security enhancements, compliance with the latest app store policies, and the variety of features that gives an OS update.

3. What happens if any users do not update the app?

A random crashing of the app, abnormally high battery usage, and the healing are some of the typical performance troubles caused by the bugs. Hence, companies must come up with updates to solve these issues.

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