What are the Top 5 React Developer Tools in 2021?

What are the Top 5 React Developer Tools in 2021?

React Developers Tools are a series of frameworks, libraries, and extensions. So, in this article, we will see what are the Top 5 React Developer Tools in 2021.

What are the Top 5 React Developer Tools in 2021?

React Developers Tools are designed to guide the development of React. Developers use code generators, test tools, debug extensions, and other React tools to make the code stronger and more stable. In today’s web development market, React developers are in high demand. You can say there are a lot of job openings for React developers. It is very important to keep updated with some new skills and react to developers. You must know about the following top 5 famous react tools. Now let’s see about the top 5 React Developers Tools.


It is an open-source tool on Github. This allows the react developers to make their application as an independent component’s collection. So basically, this is a good tool for making different react components. You can access the third-party store and can do the following things:

  • Search and Download Components developed by others
  • Render them to suit for your project

The bit comes with an online platform and CLI tool. You just need to publish your react component. Once it will be checked by Bit, you can share it with other developers. So, you need to develop everything from scratch. This also works with Microfrontends and can perfectly handle all the complexities of the code.

React Developer Tools Browser Extension:

You can download the React developer tools as extensions in many browsers like chrome, edge, firefox, etc. This tool allows you to check the component hierarchy of React. The main features for this tool are as follows:

  • Rendered List of Components
  • Rendered Subcomponents
  • Helpful in measuring the performance of React App
  • Can check each react component with a little bit of testing
  • Easily identify the issue

It is available in Chrome and Firefox. Once you will add that in your browser you will be allowed to debug the application using its different features. You can inspect React tree and you can check how props, state, and many other things are working in the application


It is the first tailored and most recommended IDE for web application development in React. You can use GitHub if you want to learn about Reactide. There might be a question, why this one is so popular and most recommended then you should have to go through the following features

  • Streamlined Configurations
  • Component Visualizations
  • Hot Module Reloading

You don’t need to create a server configuration. This tool is easy to use with the help of a custom browser simulator and an integrated Node Server. This integrated node server eliminates the dependency of build-in tools and server configuration.


If you want to create a web application using React, Redux, and React-router and you also want that application to be scalable then Rekit is a perfect tool for you. If you don’t want to focus on patterns, configuration, and large libraries and only want to deal with business logic then this tool is perfect for you. In this tool, you will find access to Rekit Studio that will show you an overview of all pages, reducers, and components.

You need to install Rekit using the following command given below to use it in your React project.

npm install -g rekit  # Install Rekit CLI
npm install -g rekit-studio  # Install Rekit Studio

Create React App By Facebook:

This is one of the most popular tools in the React developers community. You will find more than 89K stars on GitHub for this. Basically, it is developed by Facebook. It is best suitable for beginners and any new react project. Following are the feature of this tool.

  • No requirement for Build Configurations
  • Don’t worry about the best project structure & Support Modules
  • Setup your React app with a single command


So, in this article, we have been through what are the Top 5 React Developer Tools in 2021. Also, feel free to comment with your suggestions and feedback on the post. Moreover, at BOSC Tech Labs, we have a team of highly experienced React JS developers. They can assist you in developing your customized web app. So contact us to hire experienced ReactJS developers.

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