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BOSC Tech’s developers won’t only provide you with the best possible Java services, they’ll go all in with effort and dedication, providing only the best for you

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Hire Java programmers from BOSCTech

Hire dedicated Java programmers for projects of any scale. It could be building an enterprise application or supporting startup ideas, we have the developers to tackle your project needs. With BOSC Tech, you can access top Java talent at competitive rates to optimize your development budget. We deliver scalable and secure Java solutions across various domains, including web applications and cloud platforms.

Scalable Applications

We build applications that grow seamlessly with your business needs.

Advanced Solutions

Our expertise in optimizing Java code guarantees lightning-fast loading and a smooth user experience.

Seamless Integration

Our developers ensure your web app connects seamlessly with existing systems.


We write clean, well-documented, and modular Java code that’s easy to maintain and adapt.

Java Supremacy

Java developer for hire: Our services

Make the most of our Java development service to build rock-solid, scalable applications. We create secure and scalable solutions that empower your business for growth.

Custom Web Development

360° Java web development that is customized to the core

Maintenance and Support

Ensuring that your website is in it for the long run

Migration to Java

Upgrading outdated frameworks and transitioning successfully

Performance Optimization

Perfecting your Java web app for peak performance

Security Audits

Protection against cyber threats and upholding security measures

Consulting Services

Guiding clients through the development stages

our work process

Our Java development process

Take a look at how we concoct your applications through in-depth research and methodologies

1 STEP 1

Project pre-requisites

Basic project understanding for suggesting relevant profiles.

2 STEP 2

Telephonic interview

Preliminary screening done through telephonic interviews.

3 STEP 3

Evaluate portfolio

Evaluate the profiles through assessments and tests.

4 STEP 4

Contract finalization

Finalize the contract, time and budget.

From web apps to enterprise solutions, build scalable solutions with Java.

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Tech stacks

The tech that powers you

Take a look at what powers us and you, both at the same time

Java Servlets

Java based server-side components used for handling HTTP requests and generating web content.

Spring Framework

A framework that provide a wide variety of feature, useful for building enterprise-level web applications

Java Server Pages (JSP)

A technology that helps create dynamic web pages by embedding Java code directly into HTML markup

Hibernate ORM

An object-relational mapping framework that simplifies database interactions and data persistence in web applications

Bosc Tech Saga

Sail through the successful technological marvels in our expansive project portfolio

Each Bosc Tech project is a testament to innovation, precision and client satisfaction. Browse through our intricately worked project portfolio to witness just what you are looking for - innovation, precision, and unwavering satisfaction. Discover, Engage, and Be Amazed!


HipSmile has been developed for the reason of establishing a special bond through facilitating communication between receivers and donors.

Tech Stack

Supported Devices

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Business Standard

The development of the BSmart app aimed to fill in the gap between B-school curriculum and the demands of the corporate world.

Tech Stack

Supported Devices

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Lumin : The Ultimate Gaming App

Gaming the way it should be, Social. Ever hit a 1 in a million shot or pulled off a nail biting win and wished there was an easy way to share that moment.

Tech Stack

Supported Devices

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Medication Management

Medication Management App developed by United Medical Equipment Business Solutions Network, Inc. is an essential application for all health care professionals, caregivers, students, and family members, providing direct and indirect patient care and education.

Tech Stack

Supported Devices

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Kudos from Clients

Nicholas Lavis
Co-Founder, Lumin

The amazing team to work with, and they provided us with great results. We’re thrilled with the on-time launch of our app’s beta version by the team, which significantly addressed our initial backlog and exceeded expectations. Their proactive project management and impressive quality of deliverables left us and our stakeholders thoroughly impressed.

Samir Lakhani
CEO, Letsplay

This is the 1st time I worked with Flutter agency, which wasn’t a personal recommendation. They delivered above the expected level. Their one-person team expertly developed an MVP with innovation, significantly boosting customer engagement. Their swift approach & consistent delivery beyond expectations made the project a resounding success.

Brock Bradshaw
Tech Lead, UME

I am satisfied with the way of work. Flutter Agency has remarkably enhanced our proficiency in Flutter software, thanks to their dedicated and transparent approach in education. Their skilled and knowledgeable team has been a standout in our collaborative workflow.

Said Zejjari
CEO, HipMeal & HipSmile

BOSC Tech Labs has very good developers. they have a very broad knowledge. they understood exactly my concept and helped to make it mature. BOSC Tech Labs supported me all the way to production. You can see the final product in the App Store HipMeal.com.
I will keep working with BOSC Tech Labs in the future.

Bojana Miloradovic Parman
Product Development Lead, Airphoto

I’m very satisfied With the support une the great job, perfect collaboration until the production. Happy to work with BOSC Tech Labs again 🙂

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We're delivering digital engineering solutions

Here's a closer look at our quantified tech journey. Through collaborative efforts, we build the framework for success.


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Hiring Process

Hiring Developers

You’re only 4 steps away from augmenting the best developers to your company

The First Meeting

We’ll be discussing your project requirements, eventually working towards an understanding of one another.

Developer Matching

From our endless variety of developers, select the one that that fits best for you. Make sure to assess expertise and experience while you’re at it.

Client Meeting

Get to know more about the technical skills and communication style of the developer through a direct interview with them.

Starting up and Hiring

Herein, you’ll be kicking off the project now. This is after selection of developers, establish communication, define milestones and expectations.

Proven Proficiency

Why choose BOSC Tech’s Java Web developers?

BOSC Tech’s developers are not only maestros of what they do, we go above and beyond when we provide you with exceptional developers who know the industry from the inside out. Our proven track record is a testament to the amount of expertise that we have with developing succinct applications.

Global Reach

Having been involved in the development scene for quite some time now, we’ve got a wide and ever-expanding global reach that always adds-in to our experience as an agency. We’ve got the ideal combination of local + global

Continuous Communication

We believe in a completely transparent communication approach wherein we engage both our developers and our clients. This way, our clients are updated with where their project stands and can add-in as well

Domain Knowledge

Java experts may be found in all agencies. But the perfect combination of expertise, efficiency and experience – the 3 magical E’s of success – is something that you’ll exclusively get at BOSC Tech

Comprehensive Solutions

At BOSC Tech, you’ll get every solution to your Java Web problems that you can even think of. Our developers have gone all-in with respect to understanding the intricacies of Java, and this reflects in our work

Timely Delivery

Timely delivery is always one of the defining factors of any agency that’s out there. But the case with BOSC Tech is that we’ll always deliver on time, as asked, and the output will be better than you ever imagined it to be

Focusing on Growth 

We offer highly scalable solutions so that even if your organization goes bigger than you imagined it to be, you won’t have a problem adjusting because BOSC Tech has already made your solutions as scalable as possible

Hiring models

Choose your
Ideal hiring model

Our hiring models are inherently flexible in nature, so that you can get the right person for the job every single time.

Fixed Cost

This model is best suited for short–term assignments or projects requiring specialized expertise. Our part-time professionals flawlessly integrate into your team, helping you meet your project milestones.

Time & Material

Our full-time professionals become a key part of your projects. They understand the project’s intricacies to a great depth, after which they aid in contributing to the project in a holistic manner.

Extended Team

In this model, we provide a dedicated team that functions as a part of your organization. With technical expertise, you’ll also receive strategic insights that propel your project towards success.

we work with

Our tech-magic tree

Blending success through cutting-edge technological endeavors

Partnership Models

Wondering about BOSC Tech’s Synergy Schematics?

Let's build a tech-filled success for your business through dynamic partnerships.

Channel Partnerships

We can explore collaborative agreements so you can work with us to expand the reach of our services.

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Strategic Alliances

If we have common goals, we can get into formal partnerships, resource-sharing, and market expansion.

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Technology Partnerships

How about we co-develop technologies, fostering innovation and enhancing product/service offerings?

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Outsourcing Partnerships

We can collaborate by outsourcing specific tasks or processes to you, leveraging specialized skills and cost efficiencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of choosing BOSC Tech?

BOSC Tech offers customized, scalable Java solutions with a global reach and a proven track record. Our focus on transparency and timely delivery ensures exceptional project outcomes.

Do I need technical knowledge to work with your teams?

No, you don’t need technical expertise to work effectively with our teams. BOSC Tech ensures clear communication and guidance throughout the development process.

Do you provide post-launch support?

Yes, we provide extensive post-launch support, including updates, security audits, and ongoing performance optimization to keep your Java applications running smoothly.

How do I get started with hiring Java developers from BOSC Tech?

Starting with BOSC Tech is simple. Contact us for an initial consultation, select developers from our talent pool based on your needs, and we’ll guide you through interviews and project setup.