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Partner with a Generative AI development company to redefine your business management and workflow powered by self-learning, adapting, and evolving foundational AI models.

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Our Generative AI Services Brings AI-driven Creativity and Innovation

We understand not all businesses are alike. At BOSC Techlabs, the generative AI experts understand your business requirements and offer custom services. We can develop and integrate custom AI solutions for your business. Some of our top generative AI development services to help you elevate your business include:

Generative AI Consulting

Get consultations from the best Generative AI services company before you upgrade your business.

Niche-oriented Generative AI Model Development

Harness the full potential of GAI models, with a CustomAI development agency.

Language Model Integration

Our Generative AI experts can integrate various language models like GPT 4, Dall.e., etc.

Generative AI Solutions Development

Partner with our custom AI development agency to get GAI solutions for your business needs.

Allied Expertise

Custom AI Development Company Holds Expertise

In GPT 4.0, Claude, Mistral, Stable Diffusion, etc. the generative AI service providers associated with us hold expertise in modeling and creating solutions for various fields. We create custom GAI solutions to meet your business needs.

01Generative Models

At Bosc Tech Labs, we have experience and expertise in creating domain-specific AI Solutions by fine-tuning existing models like GPT 4 or Dall. e. Generative AI experts understand the architecture of the existing model, the algorithm behind its functioning, and the training process.

02Machine Learning

Our Generative AI development company has expertise in diverse machine learning algorithms, including classification, regression, or clustering models. We have expertise in creating X AI models (Explainable AI) along with Generative AI models.

03Model Fine-Tuning

The Generative AI Development services include fine-tuning pre-trained AI models like GPT-4 for your business domain. This allows us to build adaptable solutions that cater to your business needs. Our custom AI development company aims to deliver solutions to streamline your business and workflow.

04Data Procurement and Annotation

We are regarded as one of the top Generative AI development companies in the USA owing to the ease of data analytics of large datasets our models can perform. Join forces with our custom Generative AI development company and analyze and annotate your data for the best results.

05Deep Learning

Our experts leverage the potential and understanding of deep learning models to implement multi-layered artificial neural networks to model complex data patterns. We understand the role of Generative AI for web development and integrate deep learning architecture for futuristic solutions.

06Natural Learning Process

Partner with the right Generative AI services company for dominant NLP integration used for NER (Named Entity Recognition), Sentiment Analysis, and Text Summarization. Our team utilizes NLP capabilities to transform collected data into actionable insights.


Understanding Our Generative AI Solution Development Process

A glimpse into how our experts implement Generative AI for web development or solution integration for your business.

1 Ideation STEP 1

Consulting and Strategy Building

Connect with a team of experts, discuss your business needs, and share your expectations. Our team workshops your idea and creates a roadmap to integrating the right GAI model with your business.

2 Analysis & Planning STEP 2

Develop and Test GAI Solution

We believe in delivering flawless and efficient solutions. Thus our team develops and tests your GAI solutions before integrating them with your existing business solution.

3 UI/UX Design STEP 3

Deploying and Integration

As the leading Generative AI development company, we understand the complexities behind integrating a new GAI model with your business and thus, ensure to properly integrate and customize your GAI solution.

4 App Development STEP 4

Maintenance and Support

Our services extend beyond just integrating your GAI models. The Generative AI experts at Bosc Techlabs are always around to modify, maintain, and upscale your solution with changing needs.

Bosc Tech Saga

Sail through the successful technological marvels in our expansive project portfolio

Each Bosc Tech project is a testament to innovation, precision and client satisfaction. Browse through our intricately worked project portfolio to witness just what you are looking for - innovation, precision, and unwavering satisfaction. Discover, Engage, and Be Amazed!



HipSmile has been developed for the reason of establishing a special bond through facilitating communication between receivers and donors.

Tech Stack

  • flutter
  • firebase

Supported Devices

  • android
  • apple
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Business Standard

The development of the BSmart app aimed to fill in the gap between B-school curriculum and the demands of the corporate world.

Tech Stack

  • flutter
  • Node
  • mysql
  • React

Supported Devices

  • android
  • apple
  • desktop
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Lumin : The Ultimate Gaming App

Gaming the way it should be, Social. Ever hit a 1 in a million shot or pulled off a nail biting win and wished there was an easy way to share that moment.

Tech Stack

  • flutter
  • Node
  • mysql

Supported Devices

  • android
  • apple
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Medication Management

Medication Management

Medication Management App developed by United Medical Equipment Business Solutions Network, Inc. is an essential application for all health care professionals, caregivers, students, and family members, providing direct and indirect patient care and education.

Tech Stack

  • flutter
  • Java
  • spring
  • MongoDB

Supported Devices

  • android
  • apple
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Why Choose BOSC Techlabs as Your Generative AI Development Company?

Get a unique blend of technological expertise with futuristic vision and creative innovation in one place.

Innovative Solutions

Technical Expertise

Trained and Qualified generative AI experts with years of experience.


Custom Solutions

Custom Generative AI services tailored to meet your business requirements.

Proven Track Record

User-Centric Approach

Easy to integrate and implement solutions for better engagement and utility.

Robust Security

Transformative Innovation

Futuristic approach for pathbreaking solutions designed uniquely for your business.

Client-Centric Approach

Robust Security

From ideation to integration everything takes place in a secure business environment.

Continuous Support

Cost Optimization

Value for money with the best solutions at the most competitive prices in the market.

Keep Up with AI: Latest Trends and Insights!

Other services

Discover our other range of possibilities

Innovation isn't enough, just dominate with BOSC Tech services. Our expert services go beyond innovation, providing the strategic & technical expertise you need to outrun the competition.


Generative AI Development Services for Various Business Verticals

We have helped businesses of different domains to upscale, automate, and streamline their operations with the help of advanced technologies like Generative AI, Computer Vision, etc.


Generative AI solutions integrated with your healthcare software help you connect with healthcare seekers and providers and offer them advanced solutions. They can check their reports, get a brief of reports, and connect with the right experts thus availing healthcare services easier.



Add security, quick onboarding, and fraud detection in your fintech solutions with our Generative AI services to offer your users a protected environment. Banks and financial institutions use advanced technology to analyze transaction patterns and report any fraudulent or unusual activities in real time.



Automate and boost marketing efforts and sales to create a solution that helps you convert leads, manage schedules, analyze data, and create targeted reports. Your marketing team can align their strategies with the current reports and modify them according to your interests.


Real Estate

Real estate is moving to the digital space at a great pace. Our Generative AI Company has helped real estate businesses create a strong presence in the market. With generative AI you can have a virtual agent who can connect with your customers and suggest them some properties according to their priorities.



The shipping and logistics business is making the most of advanced technology with computer vision, automated packaging, inventory management, and whatnot. With your logistics and shipping being automated, you can look after delivery management and customer services along with expanding your core business.



The most booming business is eCommerce. With changing technology, it has evolved to offer customers convenience, personal recommendations, and behavioral suggestions. Generative AI can listen and respond to customer queries and grievances helping you build customer engagement to the newest level.

Energy & Environment

Mobile Gaming

Generative AI is changing the gaming domain with integrations with technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to give users an immersive experience. Also with generative AI, you can create funky avatars and characters to make your games more real.

Energy & Environment

Kudos from Clients

Nicholas Lavis
Co-Founder, Lumin
star star star star star

The amazing team to work with, and they provided us with great results. We’re thrilled with the on-time launch of our app’s beta version by the team, which significantly addressed our initial backlog and exceeded expectations. Their proactive project management and impressive quality of deliverables left us and our stakeholders thoroughly impressed.

Samir Lakhani
CEO, Letsplay
star star star star star

This is the 1st time I worked with BOSC Tech Labs, which wasn’t a personal recommendation. They delivered above the expected level. Their one-person team expertly developed an MVP with innovation, significantly boosting customer engagement. Their swift approach & consistent delivery beyond expectations made the project a resounding success.

Brock Bradshaw
Tech Lead, UME
star star star star star

I am satisfied with the way of work. BOSC Tech Labs has remarkably enhanced our proficiency in Flutter software, thanks to their dedicated and transparent approach in education. Their skilled and knowledgeable team has been a standout in our collaborative workflow.

Said Zejjari
CEO, HipMeal & HipSmile
star star star star star

BOSC Tech Labs has very good developers. they have a very broad knowledge. they understood exactly my concept and helped to make it mature. BOSC Tech Labs supported me all the way to production. You can see the final product in the App Store
I will keep working with BOSC Tech Labs in the future.

Bojana Miloradovic Parman
Product Development Lead, Airphoto
star star star star star

BOSC Tech has excellent mobile & web app development skills using Flutter technology. BOSCs expertise in Google Cloud & Flutter is remarkable, showcasing their depth of knowledge and versatility. Their team’s communicative & adaptable approach, with outstanding mobile app development skills, made our collaboration seamless.

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In this model, we provide a dedicated team that functions as a part of your organization. With technical expertise, you’ll also receive strategic insights that propel your project towards success.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop Generative AI solutions? plus minus

The cost of developing a Generative AI solution depends upon several factors, including the complexity of the project, size of the database, features required, technology stack, time of development, the location of the development team etc. Generally, it takes around $50,000 to $100,000 to develop a feature-rich Generative AI solution.

Why choose Bosc for Generative AI development services? plus minus

There are several benefits of working with Bosc for Generative AI development services, such as efficiency, accuracy, and affordability. We have years of experience developing such solutions and have completed dozens of Generative AI projects, which gives us an edge over other developers.

How much time does it take to build a robust Generative AI solution? plus minus

The time required to develop a Generative AI solution also depends upon the feature set, complexity, database, technology stack etc. A simple application can be developed in 3-6 months, while a complex application may take up to 8-10 months.

What is Bosc’s Generative AI integration process? plus minus

Here’s the step-by-step process we follow to build a robust Generative AI solution:

  • Evaluation
  • Exploration
  • Pilot Project
  • Development and Deployment
What Generative AI development services does Bosc offer? plus minus

Being a leading Generative AI development company, we offer solutions like data analysis, EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis), business intelligence, data annotation and labeling, domain-specific Generative AI model development, Generative AI solutions development, data governance, or seamless integration of Generative AI solutions.