AI – Artificial Intelligence Use Cases and Benefits in Mobile App Development 2024


A few years ago, the unique powers of artificial intelligence looked amazing. Algorithms are capable of speech recognition, face recognition, mistake detection, suggestion making, emotion interpretation, and more. Artificial intelligence can handle vast volumes of data and carry out a variety of tedious tasks with success. 

With millions of apps thirsty for users’ attention, the mobile app world is strongly competitive. To be in the front in the market, your app must offer more than just basic functionality. It needs to be intelligent, intuitive & indispensable. 80% of mobile users are expected to be using AI-powered apps by 2025. This is the time! Yes, it’s the time, you have to enter into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the well-oiled technology that’s transforming mobile apps and delivering great user experiences.

The Benefits of AI-based Mobile Apps 

How can we define the overview of mobile apps built using AI? The answer is more useful, efficient & safe! Businesses that are forward-thinking make active use of AI technologies such as ML, DL, and NLP. Let’s quickly review the main advantages of mobile apps powered by AI.

Good user communication 

AI systems can identify emotions and moods, so you can provide the user with the resources he needs. 

Automation of repetitive tasks 

Algorithms are quicker, more accurate, and more efficient than people when dealing with big volumes of data. 

The high degree of security 

After determining the identity of the owner, artificial intelligence determines whether to provide access to sensitive information. AI-powered Fraud detection in mobile apps can reduce fraudulent transactions by up to 50%.

To put it simply, artificial intelligence lowers expenses, saves time, and facilitates routine chores. Mobile apps with AI capabilities are used in a variety of industries, including education and entertainment. 

If you want to learn artificial intelligence in mobile development: Learn how AI enhances app functionality, improves user experience, and drives innovation in mobile tech. 

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Easy Methods for Using AI in the Development of Mobile Apps 

Mobile application developers may enhance user experience, increase app functionality, and produce better products with the use of artificial intelligence technology. However, there’s more. Applications may be created or updated more quickly by automating repetitive operations. This doesn’t need a lot of your time or resources. Let’s examine some specific instances of how mobile application development might include artificial intelligence. 

Technology for Speech Recognition (NLP) 

Natural Language Processing technology makes it possible to comprehend and interpret spoken language. The foundation of voice assistants is this technology. For instance, Google Assistant can create voice answers, transcribe user input, and even hum and amuse. Voice instructions are processed by the program. If the TVs and ACs are part of a system, you may ask Google Assistant to switch them on. 

Skillful Chatbots 

A few years back, staff members had to handle consumer communications that came in. These days, chatbots driven by AI have replaced this function. This technology is being actively used by businesses to enhance user experience and optimize processes. Chatbots may provide medical advice in addition to a variety of answers to inquiries. Tools with intelligence do the task swiftly. Customers think highly of this kind of service. For what additional reasons is it advantageous? Owners of businesses do not need to invest a lot of money in keeping a contact center or support department operational. They want the creation of a chatbot as it is much less expensive. 

Detection of Objects and Image Recognition 

Artificial intelligence can access a wide range of databases, process information very fast, and provide highly accurate findings. Applications pertaining to facility security are often developed using this artificial intelligence technology. A program like this, for instance, may detect a burglar who has broken into a bank with speed and accuracy. 

Digital Support 

Users may live easier lives with Siri, Amazon Alexa, or the aforementioned Google Assistant. They take on various responsibilities, such as operating household equipment and looking out the required information on the Internet. 49% of users say they are more likely to use an app if it offers personalized recommendations. Not only can digital assistants hear and understand voice instructions, but they can also provide them. Employee management on the trading floor may be done using an application that includes a virtual assistant. These days, big businesses also use these assistants to counsel customers. 

Data Magic 

Obtain information on your current and prospective clients from any source. Artificial intelligence leverages social networks, scans bank checks, gathers data from online forms that consumers complete, and more. You may provide a customer with a product or service that piques his interest if you have the necessary information about him. 

Artificial Intelligence is not just an (overhyped) word, it is a game changer for mobile apps. AI-powered features can transform your app’s functionality, personalization, & engagement.  

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AI in Mobile Apps: Improving Experiences

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Real-World AI Features – The Ideas and The Inspiration 


AI algorithms always analyze user data to deliver custom-needed content, recommendations, and experiences as per the related queries.  

Real-World Examples-  

  • Starbucks: It uses AI to recommend drinks based on past orders, location, and even the weather of that particular locality. 
  • Nike: Their app tailors workout plans, and product suggestions based on individual fitness goals and activity. 
  • The Athletic: A sports news app that personalizes content based on favorite teams and athletes. 

Intelligent Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

AI-powered conversational interfaces that provide customer support, answer questions, and guide the users through processes.  

Real-World Examples- 

  • Replika: An AI companion that offers emotional support and personalized conversations. 
  • eBay: A virtual assistant that helps buyers find products and sellers manage their listings. 
  • Youper: An emotional health assistant that guides users through mindfulness exercises. 

Image & Voice Recognition 

AI identifies objects in a bunch of images, understands spoken commands, and translates languages.

Real-World Examples- 

  • Snapchat: Uses AI to recognize facial features for fun filters and augmented reality experiences. 
  • Google Photos: Automatically tags photos and organizes them based on faces, places, and objects. 
  • ELSA Speak: An English language learning app that uses AI to provide real-time feedback on pronunciation. 

Predictive Analytics 

AI analyzes user data to predict future behavior and preferences.

Brand us AI predictive mapping tomorrow choice

Real-World Examples- 

  • Hopper: A travel app that predicts flight prices and notifies users when to book. 
  • Grammarly: Uses AI to predict and suggest word choices, improving writing quality. 

Augmented Reality (AR)

The Feature- Overlay digital information into the real world for interactive experiences. 

Real-World Examples- 

  • Sephora Virtual Artist: Let users try on makeup virtually using their phone’s camera. 
  • Inkhunter: Allows users to preview tattoos on their skin before getting inked. 
  • Houzz: Helps users visualize how furniture and decor would look in their homes. 

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Any App’s AI Transformation 

These examples are just a starting point. By thinking creatively and leveraging the power of AI, you can create a mobile app that truly stands out in the crowded app market. 57% of businesses plan to increase their investments in AI for mobile app development in the next two years. Mobile application developers now have far more powers thanks to artificial intelligence technology.

Explore how our Generative AI development company can transform your mobile app development process, delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the demands of the modern digital landscape.

Enhance your items with fresh, distinctive features to set yourself apart from the competition. Utilize the benefits of artificial intelligence for your company and stay current with the times. Enhance your program’s intelligence, functionality, personalization, and usability, and you’ll undoubtedly see a rise in your target audience as well as an improvement in your brand’s reputation. Now is the perfect moment to begin integrating AI into your mobile applications if you haven’t already. 


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