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Mobile app development is a crucial aspect that many companies focus on to increase customer reach and profit. The scope of enterprise application development is high in the current market, prompting companies to focus on it. However, building mobile software from scratch is not an easy process and requires a lot of consideration.

BOSC Tech Labs specialize in building Android, iOS & cross-platform applications using technologies like Flutter & React Native. We have a team of the best smartphone app developers who can handle the development part to the best possible outcome. Let us assist you with your application development project.

Our Android & iOS App Development Services

In terms of mobile app development, we, as a premier app development company, focus our services on customer-centric development. You can expect well-designed high-fidelity easy-to-use cross-platform apps at the end of our teamwork. Overall, we offer a wide range of services to our clients.

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UI/UX Design

UI & UX in application development is a significant component that requires specialized attention, which our app experts can provide. Our primary focal points in our app UI/UX designing process are:

  • Responsive design
  • Design prototyping
  • User Interface designing
  • Maintaining app uniformity
  • User journey analysis
  • Navigation & input optimization
  • Screen orientation optimization

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Flutter App Development

We have a team of Flutter experts who can successfully use one codebase to build complete MVPs from scratch. Our primary services in Flutter application development are:

  • Building sustainable Flutter apps
  • API integration services
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Augmented Reality
  • Location based services

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Web App Development

BOSC Tech Labs is committed to providing highly scalable and feature-heavy web solutions to our clients. We incorporate Agile methodologies to build flexible and user-friendly website applications with efficient performance. Our robust team of developers specialize in:

  • Web applications development planning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Progressive web apps
  • Frontend & Backend development

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Android App Development

Bosc cross-platform mobile app development company is well-trained in all aspects of Android app development, and this knowledge is crucial for creating highly intuitive and scalable Android applications. Our Android specialists have a solid understanding of Java concurrency and source control concepts. Following are the technologies we are using:

  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Java

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iOS App Development

Our talented iOS app developers have vast experience in building iOS applications. Moreover, our iOS app development specialists are very committed to providing you with the best iOS app as per your requirements e.g.

  • iPad & iPhone app development
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • App QA optimization
  • Version compatibility
  • Cross-platform compatibility

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Enterprise Application Development

We create robust enterprise software to keep up the enterprise revenue. We dedicatedly worked towards building a strong enterprise architecture. Although we drive an enterprise with our various enterprise software development services:

  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Application Migration
  • Cross-platform enterprise solution
  • Software integration
  • Support & Maintenance

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App Migration & Support

Our professional app programmers are trained to give you successful App migration support. Bosc Tech app experts are proficient in:

  • Database migration
  • App Migration and Optimization
  • Operating System migration
  • Data integrity

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Testing and QA Solutions

BOSC Tech does not compromise app quality as a mobile application development services providing company. So, we conduct continuous and end-of-the-line testing steps, focusing on:

  • Cross-Platform testing
  • Features & Functionality testing
  • Front-end & backend testing
  • Multiple networks testing

Our App Development Technologies

In terms of app design and development services, our professionals utilize top-range technologies to ensure high-quality and functional app solutions for all projects.

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Flutter is the cross-platform app development-centric framework available for quick iOS and Android app creation with one code. We utilize this technology to facilitate an agile and efficient app development process with multi-platform adaptability.

  • Hot-Reload
  • Cross-Platform app development
  • Minimal coding
  • Rich plugins and widgets
  • Native like feel and features

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With Twilio, our developers focus on innovating the customer experience and improving engagement. Multiple scalable APIs are available under this platform with built-in intelligence support, personalized for different apps.

  • Programmable Messaging
  • Programmable Voice API
  • Programmable video
  • Multi-factor user verification
  • Twilio studio

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We at BOSC Tech focus on using in our custom mobile app development and solutions to optimize video and voice feature qualities. With this technology integration, we can access and use various building blocks and SDKs to improve real-time engagement platforms, like:

  • Collabaration tool
  • Voice Calling
  • Video Calling
  • Interactive Live Streaming
  • Real-time Messaging

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Flutter Bloc

Our developers utilize the Flutter Bloc pattern for app development, utilizing business logic after data modifications. Also, capable of adequately managing the app widgets with zero tight coupling between sense and view. We work with the flutter_bloc, compatible with both Bloc and Cubit instances.

  • Improve coding standard
  • UI improvement
  • Seperate business logic & component
  • High coding structure

Our Mobile App Development Process

The best platform for mobile app development is the developers at our mobile app development team who follow specific steps carefully.

Digital Marketing Project Planning

Project Research

  • Understanding client requirement
  • Gathering market and consumer insights
  • Technology requirement research
Digital Marketing Project Planning

App Development

  • Wireframe design
  • Frontend and Backend development
  • API integration
  • Application testing
Digital Marketing Project Planning

Delivery & Support

  • App launch and monitoring
  • Keeping note of customer feedback and requests
  • Support & Maintenance

Why Choose BOSC Tech Labs?

Companies that take the support of BOSC Tech get a wide range of benefits. If you use our service, you can expect such benefits and expect quick turnaround time and improved business performance.

Better business value


  • Advanced mobile app development strategies
  • Insight market reach
  • creating solutions that portray the company values.

Total transparency


  • Best support & honest development services
  • Transparent and clear development process
  • Complete development progress update

Customer satisfaction focus


  • Priority in client’s total satisfaction
  • Complete testing before launching
  • After sales support

Dedicated support


  • Our professionals focus on the solutions and target goals for each project
  • We want to provide the best service possible
  • We employ top-range technologies and frameworks that always offer valuable results

Performance integrity


  • Deliver the best of our capabilities
  • Prioritize customer’s requirements
  • Maintain Code quality

Agile process


  • Use Agile methodology in project management and app development
  • Scrum methodology and tools like Asana for project management
  • On time project delivery



  • We do not stay limited to what we can offer. We can extend our services
  • Customize services as per the client needs
  • Our developers do not stay within defined parameters; they are open to experimentation

Strict compliance


  • Strict follow of NDA-compliants
  • Ensure high quality coding standards
  • Strict confidentiality in complete development process


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