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All you want to know about ASO – App store optimization

What is ASO? We are familiar with the word- app. There are more than 2 million apps on the store. Your app is a drop…

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Applications can be implemented using Blockchain technologies to transform Human Life

We still believe that the world of internet is intangible world. we are wrong now because blockchain technology has completely changed concept of internet. Blockchain…

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Business Opportunities with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is going to change the world in near future. More than half of corporate world is planning to transition to blockchain business application…

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Coin Toss (Coin Flip) Simple, Easy, Effective

This week we have released our Coin Toss application both in Android and Web platform. The app looks simple, easy to use and very effectively…

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Best Practices for web development

Web application can be easily developed with the help over internet but developing good quality of Web application is the challenging task. For that some…

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Quality Solution is must for any web application

Quality is required in any solutions to be implemented but in this article, we would be focusing on web application and quality related issues. What…

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Wow user experience with your user interface

The first important thing for your application is to attract users to use your application. It can be achieved only by making your user interface…

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