Why Should Startups Choose Flutter For Their App Development

Why Startups Should Consider Flutter App Developers For Their Next Project?

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and Mobile Application Developments, it is important to find the right framework. These are highly useful for the startup to create the best Flutter app. Flutter is the open-source UI toolkit which has been developed by Google. These also emerged as one of the significant options for many app developers and entrepreneurs.

Many Startup companies hire dedicated Flutter App Developers to easily accelerate their mobile app development journey. Flutter has become one of the strategic allies for the startups that are venturing into creating applications.  

Flutter In App Developments:

Flutter has become one of the popular cross-platform mobile frameworks, and it has been highly overtaking React Native. Based on a recent survey, 42% of mobile app developers have been using Flutter. About a third of mobile developers have been using cross-platform technologies or frameworks. 

The rest of the mobile app developers have been using native tools. The Flutter is a significant option for app development endeavors because of its unique features. These also involve accurate alignments on innovation and community support.

Reason For Startups Consider To Hire Flutter App Developers:

11 Reason for choosing Flutter for app development

In the highly competitive mobile app market, many numbers of businesses have been constantly seeking the best innovative technologies. These are significant options for delivering seamless and best-performing applications. Many Startup companies focus on hiring Flutter app developers to complete the development process. 

Below are the reasons for easily choosing Flutter for app development:

  • Quick Cross-Platform App Development:

The main reason the companies choose cross-platform development is the faster development time and cost-effectiveness. These are much more effective when compared to the native development approach. Cross-platform apps can be easily designed with Flutter for increased performance levels. Flutter became feasible to build apps for the native aspects based on performance levels.

  • Open-Source Framework:

Flutter is open source, so the code is completely available for free. It also ultimately fosters the collaborative community of the developers thus making it an ideal platform for startups.

  • Developer-Friendly:

Flutter is involved with the single codebases for the complete app developments. These also provide the libraries and tools which make them efficient for creating the application. It also reduces the effort taken from the Flutter app developers. Flutter is completely developer-friendly and assured, providing lots of widgets for quick app development.

  • Design Excellence:

Flutter is involved with a rich catalog of customizable widgets. These are also helpful for creating the most aesthetically pleasing and functional user interfaces. The Flutter platform is highly crucial for startups that are aiming for compelling designs to attract more users.

  • Hot Reload Feature:

Flutter is involved with the Hot Reload feature, so it would automatically accelerate the app development. The platform easily allows real-time experimentation. Flutter app developers can easily create and even test the UI elements. 

Developers can quickly create and test UI elements by extensively finding and fixing bugs. It is also suitable for gaining access to faster time-to-market. Hot reload is one of the ultimate Flutter functions and is loved by developers. These allow developers to see the changes instantly made to code without restarting the application.

  • Quick MVP Development:

Startups looking to launch Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) within a short time can opt for Flutter. These are also the extensive code libraries with the best support for real-time changes while enabling rapid developments. It also efficiently allows the startups to make a quick impact in the market.

  • Cost-Effective Development:

Flutter has a single codebase, which would amazingly reduce the number of applications. This results in lower development costs when compared to native development. The final project budget varies based on numerous factors. But the Flutter app costs 30% to 40% less compared to the native app.

  • Faster Time-To-Market:

About 91% of Flutter app developers said this platform reduces the time for the development phases. Flutter app development would take from 2 to 6 months. Simple Flutter project also requires about 2 months and medium one about 4 months. 

Normally, the complex app development would last for 6 months. Flutter apps can be easily developed in a much faster way compared to native mobile apps. It is the Single code base which allows the developers to write on the single code and also adapt for the 6 platforms. These are also the ready-made reusable widgets.

  • Pre-Built UI Widgets:

Flutter apps are especially equipped with more numbers of widgets, which are core for UI building blocks. The Flutter platform provides a variety of built-in widgets like stateless, such as IconButton, Icon, and Text. There are also varied widgets with Stateful features such as Radio, Slider, Checkbox, InkWell, and Form.

  • Productivity:

Normally, the mobile app developed with Flutter requires less effort from developers. These would significantly make them efficient and have massive efficiency for helping the startups to easily release the products faster.

  • Robust Backend With Firebase:

Flutter is especially supported by Firebase, which is the robust mobile backend-as-a-service platform. The Firebase assures in providing the cloud storage, hosting, real-time database management and more. These also involve availing of the finest authentication services with high-end backend attributes.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App With Flutter?

Upon deciding on the Flutter development for your next project, it is important to know about the cost of the development phase. There are different factors which affect the cost of Flutter App Developments. You do not need to invest huge sums of money to get the full-fledged and fancy app while choosing Flutter.

Some of the factors affecting the cost are:

  • App complexity
  • Choice of platforms
  • Number of features
  • Integrations
  • Functions comprised and formulated in the final phases


Flutter is ideal for startups across the mobile game industry. Flutter supports the implementation of interactive animations, along with many others. These also provide various design tools such as Flutter 2D Flare, Flame 2D Game engine and more. These are some of the reasons for startups to choose Flutter app developers for their next project.

Startups eyeing rapid growth should tap into the Best Flutter app development service. Flutter’s efficiency and cross-platform reach ensure standout apps, cutting costs and time to market, crucial for startup success.


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