How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

The cost of developing an app varies according to its requirement & complexity in it. This is because you need to consider various factors including app platform, features, development company, and developer’s charge among others. Simple apps cost less while complex apps cost more depending on the functionality.

Will you provide a complete end to end solution for my project?

Yes, we will always provide complete end-to-end solutions throughout your project. From requirement gathering to wireframe designing to actual design & development along with deployment on a server.

How many working hours does it take to develop an app?

The average working hours required to design and develop a mobile application vary according to the requirement and complexity. The average time required to develop an app can go from 4-5weeks to 9+ months. We consider multiple variables like the number of features and their complexity, uniqueness of the design, development complications, use of third-party services, and so on.

Will you provide documentation for my solution or mobile app development? Do I own the code?

Yes, we provide complete documentation for the mobile app software or solution that we develop for your business. Being a leading mobile app development agency, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with all the clients. At the end of the project, you own the code of your app or mobile solution.

What are the different features that you have integrated into the mobile apps developed by you?

We have integrated a range of latest and unique features in the mobile applications as demanded by our clients. Here are some of the must-have features we have integrated into the apps:

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Map Integration
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Live Chat Support
  • In-app Messaging
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Cross-Platform Ability
  • Push Notification
  • Social Media Integration

How will you keep me updated on the progress of the project? What If I need any changes in the app or mobile solution?

We will assign a project manager to you. S/he will keep in touch with you throughout the project and keep you updated about the project’s progress. You can communicate your requirements or the changes with the assigned project manager and he will communicate your requirements and changes with the developers.

Will you assist me to upload my mobile app on the App Stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store)?

Yes, of course. We will upload your mobile app to the App Stores, including Apple App Store and Google Play Store as our mobile app development process.

Will you provide any support after the completion of the project successfully?

Yes, we provide 3-months of free technical support, so in case, if you face any technical problems while accessing the app, our support team will guide you.