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Benefits of using ReactJs for Web Development

Web development is a firm which provides better remuneration and significant growth in its career. Due to this, many web developers have jumped into web development. A skilled programmer can get many cheques by designing or developing a website.

Nevertheless, there is tough competition in the web development industry. You require valuable tools and libraries to stay in this competition and deliver outstanding results. ReactJs is a well-known web development tool which gives excellent flexibility by permitting you to add devices and various external libraries to create a comprehensive web application.

Due to its flexibility, code reusability and various benefits, ReactJs is the preferable choice for developing websites. This blog will give you an idea of why it is helpful to use React for web development or hire ReactJs developers.

What is React Js in web development?

The web has changed entirely over the last two decades, and the technology stack has also come into existence. The logic has shifted from the server side to the client side. ReactJs came in 2013 and has begun server-side development.

React is a free, open-source, explanative, flexible and competent JavaScript library allowing developers to make single-page applications. In addition, it is used to handle view layers for web and mobile apps while building reusable UI components simultaneously.

The better USP of React.js is that it allows programmers to build complicated web apps that will change the data minus reloading the page. React.js has pre-formatted code and snippets. With React Native and ReactJs, developers can create extensive apps for web pages and smartphones.

With features such as virtual DOMs, JSX, reusable components and impressive statement management, experts can speed up their work and will boost its productivity. Is React suitable for web development? Please stay on this article to learn more about it.

What are the pros of using ReactJs for web development?

1. Simple to use

Depending on the developers grasping skills and interest, it can even take days, months or years. In comparison to Angular, the learning process is easy. You have to know how HTML CSS works with a basic knowledge of programming concepts. Hence, programmers who have used JavaScript before can use React with its relevant and convenient use. In React, community support and tutorial can help you with the related issue.

2. Reusable components

React has many reusable components: abstract data structure integrations, queues, stacks, classes, and subroutines. Think of the Jigsaw Puzzle UI with several elements like dropdowns, checkboxes, etc. An expert can build the wrapper components around its smaller components.

Constant creation of wrapper components may lead to the building of the main component and multiple other hierarchical components. Moreover, all these components share the same space, and due to this, they communicate with each other freely.

However, to make these components reusable, developers must use the props, and the props’ functions will give the proper outcome.

3. Single-direction flow of data

A unidirectional data flow means data is moved in only a single direction when they are moving between various parts of the program. In React, parent data is known as props, while a children component allows the expertise to pass any components as the data to the other components.

It is possible to transmit the data from parent to child components. But a child component can not update or change the data as per its wish. Hence, this system has a clean and systematic data flow with complete control over the information.

4. Number of developer tools

Facebook owns React.js, and it has several tools in React for the expertise to use. These tools have a combination of libraries, extensions, and frameworks that will boost performance and deliver a great user experience.

A front-end web developer uses tools such as debugging, testing utilities, code generators and various pre-configured tools to create stable codes and robust apps that reduce development time. These tools are present as extensions in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

5. Virtual DOM

React development is perfect for programmers because of its virtual DOM functionality. Virtual DOm is the JS object in the React technology. It is the only copy of the original DOM, which is stored in the memory and synchronizes with the React DOM library. It gives various benefits like less strain on memory usage, improved performance and high productivity.

6. Fast Rendering

Creating complex and feature-rich applications is better, but the developers must know its structure will affect the complete performance. Also, minor changes in the upper layer can cause an issue at the interface.

When the developers use Virtual DOM and make changes there a theme, they use the various algorithms and analyze the effects it could have on the actual DOM as it minimizes the bugs and errors. Developers can apply its changes after knowing it ultimately saves time and resources and gives high productivity and performance.

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7. Stable Coding

Small changes integrated into the child structure did not affect parents because React.js uses a downward data flow. Before changing an object, expertise modifies its state and implements the modification by the specific components updation. Due to a data binding structure, you can get code stability and robust app performance.

8. Rich user interface

You must design the UI first to get a great user experience on your app. An attractive and seamless UI has the chance to attract more users towards your app. ReactJS enables developers to create a brilliant, high-quality user interface with the declarative component.

9. Efficient data binding

React best practices uses unidirectional data binding, which means a developer can handle data flow from a single point. Therefore, you can track any slight changes which are being done in the selected portion of the data.

10. Testing and Functionality

Besides delivering high performance and productivity, the testers must analyze the results of the developed applications. Developers and testers supervise an app via triggered outputs, events, etc. If you desire to view the results before integration, then it is possible with React.js.

Example of the React JS development

Multiple tech giants are suing React JS for successful, robust front-end development.

1. Facebook:

An original developer, the Facebook web page is created with React and uses React Native for Android and iOS platforms.

2. Instagram:

Features such as Google Maps, geolocation, Search engines, etc., are created on ReactJS.

3. Netflix:

An app’s startup speed, runtime performance and various functionalities developed with reactJS.

Rather than these, well-known apps like Whatsapp, Uber, Pinterest, and Twitter are using ReactJS to implement innovative features in their development.


We can only hold one technology in the world of frameworks and libraries. As a business owner, you must know which frameworks will give you maximum results for your project.

At Bosc Tech Labs, a web development company, we have guided every business scale with its future solutions. If you need more assistance and information regarding this, do not hesitate and feel free to connect with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the limitations of React?

It always needs to be updated with its skills and learn new ways of doing things. The technology is updating so fast that there is no time to create documentation.

2. Is React well for front-end development?

React is one of the most well-known libraries for front-end development. It has an open-source JavaScript library and has been created by Facebook.

3. Why has React become so popular?

React JS is easy to learn and is used for front-end development. It permits the expertise to describe a user interface declaratively by taking you out of a heavy coding process and making the code easier to read and understand.

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