On Demand App Development Solution

Because Of Covid-19 Global pandemic outbreak people like to get delivered everything at their doorstep if possible and prefers so stay at home rather than roaming around. So it becomes the golden opportunity for us to design and develop mobile application that suits with user requirement.


On Demand App Development Solution

In 2017, information technology and its various subsectors represented almost eight percent of the nation’s overall GDP. In financial year 2019, this industry in India generated an annual revenue close to 180 billion U.S. dollars, a significant increase from the generated revenue ten years ago. A majority of this revenue was generated in exports while domestic revenue totaled to less than 50 billion U.S. dollars for the mentioned period. In other words we can say that mobile apps not only uplift the economy but also generates goodwill for the same.

On Demand App Development Solution

Here we have a list of on demand app ideas to trends in upcoming year

  • 1

    On Demand Taxi/Cab Booking App

    In a recent time due to Covid -19 Global Pandemic people are avoiding traveling outside and prefers to stay at home. But yet sometimes people’s needs to make a move from one place to another place so there is Hugh demand for on Demand Taxi Booking  AppService. Nobody wants to spend more time than it is needed. People can book a cab/taxi at their convenience of a mobile app without worry of a traffic, parking space and cost.

    Popular example of on Demand Taxi Booking App are Uber, Ola etc. where they connect the customer with a Taxi Driver to fulfill the client requirement.

  • 2

    On Demand Food Delivery App

    Human Being are being survived on food. It is a primary and basic need for everyone. We have seen a online food delivery business are booming in a now a days and will continues to have a huge demand. On Demand food delivery application like zomato, swiggy, ubereats are already witnessing a high demand across the world. These days most of the restaurant owner and street vendor have come online to fulfill the requirement of a food. On Demand Food Delivery App Services will be great hit and offers long lasting opportunity to the provider as well as customers.

  • 3

    On Demand Heath/Fitness App

    In a recent times health has becomes the biggest wealth. Just because of Covid Pandemic people have become more aware and conscious about health which has made healthcare and fitness industry most extensive domain at a moment. On Demand Heath/Fitness App service will help healthcare professionals, Family Members with a direct and indirect suggestion and guidance about their health.

  • 4

    On Demand Grocery App

    Now a days life has become so hard and fast also people doesn’t have time to go in a market and purchase a grocery so people purchase a grocery from online grocery provider who is going to deliver grocery at their doorstep within a day or two days after placing a order.

    Popular example of On Demand Grocery Appear as below:
    • Big Basket
    • Grofers
    • Nature’s Basket
  • 5

    On Demand Fashion App

    Earlier our ancestors were stick to traditions but now a time has changed. People likes to keep them updated with current and latest trends. On Demand Fashion App will help user to get idea about current fashion trend as well as upcoming trends. As the Fashion industry are most versatile industry there would a huge demand for Fashion provider.

    Popular example of On Demand Fashion Appear as below:
    • Amazon
    • Flipkart
    • Snapdeal
  • 6

    On Demand Beauty App

    On Demand Beauty App allow several businesses to meet the beautifying and the most appropriate salon options for the users that are nearby and accessible. Men’s and women can avail the desired services and can book a beauty care professional at their date and time rather than visiting a beauty saloon.

    Popular example of On Demand Beauty Appear as below:
    • BeautyPlus
    • Makeup Plus
    • Beauty Cam
  • 7

    On Demand Home Service App

    Those days have becomes our past when people used to check contact directory in a phone list or will consult a neighbors to give a reference for home service. So there will be huge demand for Home Service App. All we need to do is open app, enter your address and start lookout for service provider with specific expertise and book an appointment and within a fraction of minute someone would be assign a task.

    Popular example of On Demand Beauty App are as below:
    • UrbanClap
    • HouseJoy
    • Zimmber
  • 8

    On Demand Laundry App

    As per the current statistics laundry care segments will generate a revenue of $76,300 million in 2020. It is expected to grow by 4% annually. Who thought that a simple laundry service could generate this huge revenue? One cannot simply ignore the contribution of laundry facilities and dry cleaning services.

    Laundry services are becoming our needs because no one wants to sit on a weekend to do this monotonous work when they can utilize their time in some important task. These simple ideas have influenced the invention of on-demand laundry apps.

  • 9

    On Demand Learning App

    The increased use of the eLearning application can help teachers and students to overcome challenges at all stages. These problems apply to a variety of degrees in developed and developing countries. While most developing regions focus on accessing and improving primary education, developed regions strive to enhance student engagement and personalize each student’s education. The e-learning application could offer concrete solutions to these problems.

    • Udemy
    • Byju’s Learning App
    • Vedantu Live Learning App