Engagement Models

The Engagement Model at BOSC Tech Labs is based on the philosophy of technology excellence and perfection, which support long-term healthy business partnerships with clients from different niches.


Engagement Models
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    Fixed Cost Model

    To deliver you the best web and mobile solutions we at Bosc Tech Labs deliver the project with fix budget with pre define timelines. With this planning, we work with the purpose to cater to the demand of small businesses and enterprise solutions.

    Advantages of Fixed Cost Model
    • It reduces the financial risk
    • A client can invest their money precisely in the project ROI
    • Flexibility to outsource projects
    • Better control over the IT cost
    • Clear, well-defined, and non-changing requirements
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    Hourly Cost Model

    The Hourly cost Model is best suited in the case where the client is not clear on the requirement or wants to make changes to an existing project. In that case, the client will give you a list of changes. The client is going to pay only, for working hours, not for the entire working hours.

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    Dedicated Team Model

    A Dedicated team is the best approach to go with if you are looking for long-term business collaboration on a complex project or when continuous enhancement is required. This is best suited for Fintech and blockchain technology.

    Advantages of Dedicated Team Model
    • High Level of Flexibility
    • Accountability &Transparency
    • High Cost
    • Greater Involvement Model
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    Time and Material Model

    The Time and Material Model is suitable for each project, which is in the first phase of development where the requirement is not defined. Through this model, we offer flexibility analysis and end-to-end technology solutions.

    Advantages of Time and Material Model
    • Flexibility Work
    • Better Timing
    • Dynamic work Scope
    • Superior productivity