React Developer Hiring Costs A Comprehensive Guide

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a React Developer in 2023-2024?

React is the best front-end application development framework for creating dynamic and interactive web applications. With that, product owners have found significant benefits for their business: high performance, scalability, dependability, adaptability, and other advantages that they are offering. However, among the several front-end frameworks accessible, if you’ve chosen to use React and are wondering how much it would cost to hire React developer, then you’ve come to the right place! This blog post covers all the details a business owner need. Let’s examine the cost of developing React applications, hiring React developers from various areas, and several other factors.

Overview of React

React is famous for developing fast and easy-to-understand interactive user interface components. React is an open-source front-end library. However, it has become increasingly popular, attracting many leading companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and many more.

The first step in successfully developing a project involves considering hiring an experienced developer with the funds needed to create the intended app. Let’s examine the factors that affect the React app development cost.

Factors Affecting the React App Development Cost

To determine how much it will cost to develop web application in React, examine the following factors: project size, recruitment strategy, complex features, and third-party integrations.

1. Project Size

The scale of the project and the specifications you need to meet to get your product ready for the market are two of the most crucial aspects of developing a React application. The cost of development varies according to the needs of your product. While fulfilling the project requirements, the development time increases. It has an automatic impact on the cost of developing a React app.

Project sizes are always determined by the kind of application that is required to meet your needs. React supports different application development types. The list of application types that can impact project size is below.

  • Single-page applications (SPAs) belong to the most popular and widely utilized application types. The user does not need to refresh the page while using this application. The two most common instances of SPAs are Gmail and Google Maps.
  • Applications at the enterprise level gather more user data. Therefore, these applications need high-performing servers to maintain the application’s performance.
  • Social Networking Application uses React’s UI library, which is ideal for dynamic social networking applications like SPAs. Websockets, another feature of React, makes real-time data processing easy for social networks.

2. Features Complexity

Applications with lots of features attract more users’ attention. Simple features are typically provided without charge, but more complex features require payment, which determines all the development costs. Complex features include attributes like video streaming, map integrations, and payment integration. You’ll also need a unique set of skills to incorporate these features into your application.

3. Model of Recruitment

The recruitment model you select for your application development will also affect the cost of developing a React application. The two engagement models are the dedicated model and the fixed price model.

The fixed price model has financial limits and specific requirements that must met to follow the project to be finished by the deadline. Business owners with small and constant needs for their digital products tend to favor these models highly.

Since the requirements for the dedicated model are flexible and subject to change as applications are developed, it is regarded as long-term product development.

4. Third-Party Implementation

Third-party integrations influence the cost of developing a React app in web application development. Creating engaging and visually appealing applications also involves third-party integration, including integrating external libraries. Applications may perform worse when third parties incorporate libraries. Business owners must pay for these integrations to maintain a highly optimized app, which raises the overall cost of React development.

5. UI/UX Designs

The React app development cost may vary depending on how your application is designed. When designing a high-end, visually appealing user interface, more features are needed at a higher price than in basic design. However, maintaining an acceptable web app development budget is necessary to attract more users and earnings.

The Cost to Hire Remote React Developer: Depending on Location

The total cost of hiring a React app development company varies based on the location where you want the app to be developed. The average price of creating a React app may change depending on the country. In the United States, junior developers typically charge between $40 and $80 per hour, while skilled programmers charge between $120 and $150 per hour. Junior programmers in Australia usually charge $60–80 per hour, while experienced programmers charge roughly $120–140. In Europe, a junior developer typically costs between $40 to $60, while a senior developer typically costs $120 to $140. These are the few nations in which developer prices may vary depending on their geographic location. Therefore, you should consider their cost while hiring a React developer, but in return, you will receive a top-notch app that will enable it to compete with your competitors in the market.

Factors influencing for Hiring a React Developer

Product owners must now take note of a few essential skills in React developers for successful React application development due to the massive need for React developers. Whenever you hire React developers, keep the following factors in mind:

1. Technical Expertise

The React developers you want to hire should be technically proficient in JSON, Rest APIs, Advanced HTML (the most recent iterations of HTML), and numerous other technologies. React programmers with JSX’s proficiency in fundamental ideas like functional modules contribute different knowledge and insight into product development.

2. Skilled in several technologies

Experts in various technologies and development platforms, such as React developers, are now optional. Most experienced developers can create full-stack applications using MERN Stack and Express.

3. Develop Tools

Product owners should consider the build tool factor (Visual Studio Code, Webpack, DevTools, NPM, etc.) that all React programmers should be familiar with and skilled in multiple frameworks.

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Determine the Hiring Cost for a React Developer Using the Engagement Model

The cost of hiring a remote React developer varies depending on the country, as was explained in the blog post above. To help you understand how much it will cost to hire a React developer, let’s now examine the various remote recruiting models.

1. Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated team models are especially beneficial to companies where team members must work longer shifts. With this dedicated team model, you can select how many experts will work with you so that you can complete the product development early.

A company with unique needs and features in its application development is the most suitable for this development. You can hire dedicated programmers with a highly talented and experienced development team by working with companies like Bosc Tech Labs, which offers the best React development support.

2. Fixed Price Model

The fixed price model is typically employed when requirements, deadlines, and budgets are set in stone. Since all requirements are predefined before the development of the React application, there are no criteria for changing anything during the development phase of this fixed-price model. The fixed price model is adequate for small projects and doesn’t require additional features to develop applications.

Therefore, the average hourly rate at Bosc Tech Labs for hiring a React developer is $25; however, the rate may vary based on the developer’s skill level.


This blog post has given you the most accurate information about the cost of hiring a React developer and the cost of developing a React app. But remember that the development price can change depending on several factors. Furthermore, React is used to create scalable, dependable, safe, rich, and user-friendly web app development; connect with the leading React app development company like Bosc Tech Labs, who will manage and provide you with top-notch apps. So, let’s get connected!

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