How to build a customer support live chat widget with React

How to build a live chat widget in React?

Customer involvement is of the utmost importance in the modern digital era. Incorporating a live chat widget into your website can revolutionize real-time communication and improve user experience. React can be used to build a live chat widget.  

According to the State of JavaScript 2022 survey, 69% of developers have used React. So, let’s learn everything you need to know to build a live chat widget in React, including the advantages of having one and how to make it work flawlessly for your users in this article below. .

Essential elements necessary to develop a react live chat widget:

1. ReactJS: 

The benefit of this JavaScript toolkit is that it supports a user-interactive interface with the component-based design. It would be a great idea to keep the users entertained so that they continue to engage with a React project; this could be done by including live chat widgets.

2. WebSocket for real-time communication: 

This technology is also important for the accomplishment of live communication between your user and the technical support agent that you are talking with. Its bi-directional communications capacities make it possible for updated and prompt message exchange.

3. Authentication and authorization: 

Ensure a secured live chat system by implementing authentication and authorization. This step is crucial to ensure that the legitimate data of the users is safe and protected beyond doubt.

4. A database to store and retrieve messages: 

This will only work with a significant database system. We will also ensure that user’s chats are synced with those of the support agent to facilitate easy flow of conversations.

5. Designing the user interface (UI): 

The UI for the live chat widget must be user-friendly and attractive to use. It is based on the component-based architecture of React, which allows for the development of a responsive and variable user interface. An improved UX results from this.

Building a live chat widget in react

1. Get the project started: 

Initiate a new react project using tools like Create React App. Collect all the needed dependencies and arrange the project infrastructure.

2. Integrate websocket: 

Use some of the WebSocket (options) to have real-time communication. Use client-side libraries like, which would require a WebSocket server running in the background to be used with this particular communication protocol.

3. Authentication and authorization: 

Doing so will require implementing systems designed to identify and authenticate users. Ensuring that only pre-authorized users who are authenticated beforehand use the live chat functionality can be achieved through tokens, sessions, or however trusted means necessary.

4. Database integration: 

Integrate your React app to advanced a database where chat history can be stored. Use chat database solution such as Firebase or MongoDB for efficient storing and recalling of chat history.

5. UX design: 

Make the UX for the live chat. To create a rich user environment, consider features including message entry capabilities, visual messaging displays and user graphical avatars.

6. Chat functionality: 

This establishes the core components of the chat, enabling users to exchange texts in real-time. Engage the reader further by incorporating functionalities to include typing indicators and read receipts.

7. Streamline integration: 

If your site or app already has the user management mechanism, you can easily integrate the plugin into it. This helps with streamlining user administration and ensures continuity in the provision of user experience.

8. Testing: 

Users should test the push chat widget fully by verifying that it works across a selection of circumstances including various devices, heavy traffic loads plus network conditions. Keep an eye on what appears during testing and if any irregularities occur, fix them to ensure a robust and reliable live chat system.

9. Deployment: 

After the testing is done, install and deploy your React app in production with a live chat widget brought into it. While the system should measure its progress, keep track of how well it is doing and listen to what users have to say so that you can refine or restructure it as required.

Benefits of live chat widget

1. Improved interactions with customers: 

By providing these customers with a chance to communicate with your company directly and quickly, the live chat widgets allow them to interact with ease. This honest time of communication boosts participation and trust.

2. Enhanced conversion rates: 

By allowing potential customers to talk to people in real-time via live chat widgets, it enables answering questions or solving problems instantly, which leads to higher conversion rates. It is the guaranteed responsiveness of customers’ inquiries that influences them to make purchase decisions soon enough.

3. Live chat increases customer satisfaction:

The immediate resolution of problems makes customers more satisfied. What people like most is they do not have to wait for someone’s call or email response anymore with the increasing ability to get real-time help.

4. Gathering information for enhancement: 

Inbuilt real-time chat reveals insights thanks to the user comments, which are given in real time. To solve the concerns that clients have, it is through analyzing chat transcripts to look for patterns of some common interests.


A live chat widget in React exemplifies the engagement and commitment to customer satisfaction of any active online communication world. The fact that instant message communication cannot be questioned forbeing better makes direct conversion results and ultimate user appeal an inevitable outcome. 

However, businesses who rely on this technology even look at the importance of installing it properly in order for its benefits to fully be realized. However, for those planning to start on this pathway, the associate react developers are good candidates. As you level up your project beyond live chat expectations, take the right step to hire react developers who are knowledgeable in building a reliable and user-friendly real-time widget.

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