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Quality is required in any solutions to be implemented but in this article, we would be focusing on web application and quality related issues.

What is web applications?

Web applications are the software applications which can be used over internet or private network through any web browser. Web application is very critical part of the business as it will help you to expand the reach to multiple users.

If the web application implemented is not having adequate quality, then you may face serious issues and it may affect your business.

  • Performance issueThe poorly developed and implemented web applications has lot of performance issues like it takes significant amount time to load the page or to perform any actions.This usually eats lot of time of users so and because of below issues can be experiencedif the web application is for your company only and user is your company employee then this would significantly reduce your employee’s productivity

    If the web application is for general public over internet then you may experience drop out in user engagement from analytics as no body would like to waste time on slow applications.

  • Consistency IssueThe web application which has lot of bugs or consistency issues would never gets accepted by users, so as organization if you are implementing web application which has consistency issues and lot of bugs into it then your employees would try to run away from using it. Even if they use it then also they try to maintain the data outside of the system as well as they will not trust on such application.If such web application, you release for general public over internet to use then no body will use it and in fact it will spoil goodwill of your company as well.
  • Security IssueThe web application must be developed in such away so that it will always be protected from security attacks. The poorly developed application can face security attacks like
    • SQL Injections
    • Dos(Denial of service)
    • Broken Authentication and Session Management
    • Password-Based Attacks
  • Poor data flow in functionality implementationThis is very less discussed but very critical component of quality of web applications then how you design and implement functionality is very important. The flow of data throughout functionality should be user intuitive and should be easy to understand. If you implement simple functionality in complex way then no body would loves to use that even if its bug free.

With the above points the goal here is to explain how critical is to pay attention towards the quality of your web application. Quality is the key parameter to decide success or failure of your business.

At Bosc service we develop application for users not only to use it but with aim that users should love using our applications and say wow.

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