How to hire ios app development experts for your next project?

Build a Winning iOS App Expert Hiring Guide-BOSC Tech Labs

In the modern day, many businesses find it quite challenging to hire skilled iOS programmers. Hiring the best iOS app developers is essential for building flawless and engaging apps.

It is quite common that business requirements change with the trends. iOS app developers are required to upgrade their knowledge with the latest trends and technologies. Business is required to use the right strategy to hire iOS app development experts.

What is iOS development?

The digital revolution in the modern day leads to the massive usage of the Smartphone. These lead to greater demand for iOS programmers and iOS app developers. iOS application development involves creating apps for Apple’s OS. The process involves developing apps based on programming languages such as Swift and Objective C.

Normally, the iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch, Mac, and many others have been using Apple’s operating system. The iOS platform is also feature-rich and suitable for creating apps with a better range of performance.

Step-by-step process to hire an ios developer:

Normally, the iOS developer deals with designing, development, and many other processes. iOS developers would be working with the designing and development team to bring complete functional applications.

These apps are useful for various businesses to showcase their products, services, and many other updates. Hiring the best iOS developer involves varied processes.

Follow the below step-by-step process for easily hiring the best iOS app development expert.

Process to hire ios developer- bost tech labs

1. Understanding the role of ios developers:

iOS app development especially varies based on numerous attributes. The role of iOS developers also varies based on the requirements. Hiring an iOS developer with a limited level of experience and expertise in a single domain will be quite difficult. So it is essential to choose the right developer having the best skills and knowledge.

Formulate the practical development approach, such as:
  • Requirements
  • Architectural decision-making
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Review
  • Deployment

2. Analyze soft skills of ios developers:

Look for the expertise and skills of the iOS developers so these will be the key aspects for handling the different projects. Many businesses are looking for iOS app developers based on their skills and their experience in the sectors. It is one of the important factors required for hiring a mobile app developer. Below are some of the key technical skills required from iOS developers


Swift is the ultimate programming language suitable for making effective coding. These are widely used for developing the apps on varied Apple platforms. You need to ensure that the iOS developers have sufficient knowledge of Swift. You can also ensure whether they have work experience in Xcode, coding, testing, and more.

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Objective-C is a powerful and dynamic programming language widely used for iOS app development. Objective-C follows the syntax based on Smalltalk and C. Developers have better expertise in Objective-C for building robust applications.

3. Evaluate ios developer’s expertise:

Before hiring iOS app developers, it is essential to evaluate the expertise of the candidates. Below are some of the levels of iOS Developers based on different categories.

Junior ios developers:

Beginners in iOS developments are new to the iOS domain. They might have less experience in project training, workshops, and internships. Normally, the junior iOS Developers have experience counts from 0 to 2 years.

Mid-level ios developers:

Mid-level iOS developers have 2 to 5 years of experience and might have worked on multiple projects. Many companies also prefer to hire Mid-level iOS developers for their expertise in different app developments.

Senior ios developers:

Senior iOS developers are experienced technical professionals having more than five years of experience. These developers have worked on varied projects, from complex to mid-range projects. They could add valuable contributions to your projects, such as architectural decision-making, code review, and more.

4. Hard skills:

Analyzing the Hard Skills is essential as these determine the grade, expertise as well as relevant experience. Acknowledging specific fields of work experience such as E-commerce, eBanking, and many others are available. Normally, these iOS app developers work at a higher hourly rate compared to the work experience in other projects.

Below are some of the hard skills that you need to analyze:
  • Xcode IDE experience
  • Knowledge of UI / UX
  • Experience in Core Data or Realm
  • Language proficiency in Objective-C or Swift iOS
  • OpenGL and Nice Metal
  • Advanced code versioning instruments
  • Knowledge of Apple Human Interface guidelines
  • APIs & API integration experience
  • ARKit 3 or Reality Kit experience

5. Check portfolios of ios app developers:

Checking the portfolio of the iOS app developer is essential for evaluating the work quality. This also ensures the type of projects that they have previously worked on.

These give better insight into the capabilities of developing the app. Go through the exposure to different sectors and problem-solving abilities. It also gives a better idea of whether they could overcome technical difficulties.

6. Check the communication and collaboration:

Hiring iOS developers is quite a complex process. You need to completely analyze the candidate’s communication level and collaboration aspects. It is essential to ensure the selected candidates can fluently articulate their concepts in a clear manner. You need to ensure the candidate works well with the team. It also showcases the commitment to deliver on time.

7. Budget and cost:

You need to look for a candidate who can fit within your iOS app development budget. It is important to accurately prioritize the overall quality as well as the value of the projects beforehand. This lets you bring a success level for the projects.

8. Check the reviews and recommendations:

For hiring iOS app developers, it is best to check past reviews of work from various clients. It is a convenient option for checking other freelancing portals to ensure that the iOS developer reviews can be seen. Various Social media platforms, Communities, and even job portals are available for checking the candidates’ reviews.


Above-shared information would be helpful for you to hire the ios app development expert for your end-to-end project. It helps you to save time in finding the right candidate for your iOS app designing, development, testing, and deployment. Build Your Dream iOS App:

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