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Why Choose Flutter for MVP Development in 2024?

A mobile application for your business is essential nowadays whether you are in any of the industries in business. The smartphone has occupied many people’s time as they spend in their app. However, developing a business mobile application for your client will make perfect sense in that context. For any enterprise, starting with the MVP is the most practical solution.

Several technologies and frameworks are used to create an app. However developing the app will dominate a user’s choice for fast and attractive app calls for Flutter. It is the most promising and cross-platform mobile app development technology available today to make your work easy.

What is Flutter?

Flutter was released in 2017, and it is the mobile app SDK built by Google. The core feature of Flutter is that it uses Dart, a programming language made by Google that incorporates object-oriented features similar to Java or C++.

Flutter, the versatile app development framework, has been utilized by leading companies to create a range of innovative applications and MVPs. Among the noteworthy projects,.

  • Google Ads 
  • Google Pay – Flutter’s capabilities in handling complex financial transactions and advertising needs.
  • Alibaba‘s Xianyu app demonstrates its potential in e-commerce, 
  • eBay Motors highlights its use in automotive marketplaces. 
  • Additionally, Flutter has enabled the creation of specialized apps like Reflectly for journaling and Postmuse for Instagram photo editing, proving its flexibility across various industries.

What is MVP Development?

MVP is the minimum viable product that consists of a project’s essential and sufficient features. The objective of developing the MVP is to validate an idea of the product and view how it performs among real users.

The central idea behind MVP development is to make the minimalistic version of your concept with many features. Also, see whether it checks out as per any customer expectations. MVP development allows you to validate your business concept. You can also collect feedback from the app users and identify their needs and problems to include in your next product version.

What is the importance of MVP for Enterprise?

In the mobile app industry, MVPs’ most basic version is used by Startups and SMEs to validate the market. All of the necessary and innovative features are included in the enterprise app development. However, a small number of users are asked to give feedback on the MVPs. Hence, organizations can ignore market failures and save money on research and surveys by making MVPs. Let’s see some of the reasons why MVP is crucial for your business.

1. Reduce development cost

The development of the MVP is as costly as developing a full-fledged app. Creating the MVP needs less effort and time. App developers can make cross-platform mobile apps that work on Android and iOS platforms.

2. Reduce development time

With the reduction in development time, MVPs also improve the quality of the code. Creating MVPs with the essential features is done at a speedier rate. With this, startups can maximize their potential in a brief period.

3. Attract Investors

MVP is advantageous as it helps to reach the investors with a minimum viable product. It helps you to validate the idea that makes excellent opportunities. A target audience is also a great way to give feedback on the app and will make it better.

4. Idea validation

The validated idea is excellent for the project when facing colossal competition and changing customer expectations. So MVPs help to achieve your goal of the project efficiently. It helps business leaders validate their concepts and is utilized as a tool to support their efforts.

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Why is Flutter considered the perfect solution for an MVP?

Reasons For Flutter MVP Development
Reasons For Flutter MVP Development

1. Native-like performance

Flutter permits multi-platform app development with a native-like experience. Creating the app directly for iOS and Android takes a lot of time. However, Flutter MVP allows startups to test their business ideas on cross-platform development tools and reach real-time users with great functionality.

2. Cost-effective delivery

The most important question that arises in app development is budget. The ultimate objective is to reach the outstanding quality of the app and spend as little as possible on testing. So, using Flutter MVP helps you reduce production time, which leads to paying less for a developer’s services.

3. Boost Design with the widgets

A Flutter app development as a framework for the MVP has in-built and ready-to-use widgets that improve an initial design without effort. The developer can opt for several Flutter widgets for app development to boost its UI design and make it interactive. Hence, allowing its MVP deliver a great user experience and improve testing results.

4. Firebase Integration

Firebase makes app development easy by eliminating its need for a complex back-end design. Firebase implementation allows the MVP project to store, using cloud functions, synching database, hosting and accessing extended cloud storage.

5. Scalability

One of the significant advantages of Flutter is the cross-platform app, which means that your product can operate on any software or budget. With a Flexible interface, the developers ensure that users won’t lose the experience while accessing a desktop version of your project and vice versa. With Flutter MVP development, you can build the multi-platform product in the testing stage or focus on only one platform and scale up later to increase the outreach. Hence, you can develop the products with Flutter in various frameworks.

What is the MVP development lifecycle?

MVP development has its lifecycle, which you should follow strictly to get a better outcome for your product. BOSC Tech Labs, MVP software development includes the stages like:

MVP Developement Lifecycle
MVP Development Lifecycle

1. Sharing ideas

It usually goes with a discovery phase. Market research helps you discover your project’s unknowns and define the most suitable tech stack and feature set. However, the business analyst explores your competitors’ solutions and will decide what options are the must-have for your MVP development. Hence, the project scope will grow with time, and it is possible with iterative development. Hence, it is cost-effective and includes all features at once only.

2. Design and Prototyping

During this stage, designers will prototype your future app, work on the overall design concept, and give you several logos, mockups, and other design deliverables. Hence, you can suggest the changes, approve the design, and move to MVP development.

3. MVP product development and testing

During this stage, our development experts will write the code and perform all the implementations, whereas the quality assurance engineers will finish all kinds of quality checks.

4. MVP release

MVP solution is implemented with various business systems or uploaded to the necessary stores so that a target audience can get easy access and leave user feedback about your MVP product. We always guarantee a successful product launch, and it helps with all the necessary steps.

5. Collecting Feedback

After the MVP release, you can view how users interact with the product and what they like or not after adding the new features, improving the design elements and user interface, and implementing the new technologies into the MVP, which will finish its further development. All the experts will give the iterative development process and timely release of the developed MVP.


By developing Flutter apps, businesses can make native-looking apps as it is cost-effective. MVP helps to launch them across both the Android and iOS platforms. You can hire Flutter experts from our company who will assist you in reaching your business goals and creating the best app to meet your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which architecture is best for Flutter development?

BLoC architecture is the best for the development of Flutter apps. It helps expertise to write a single codebase and is shared across various platforms like We, Android, and iOS.

2. Is Flutter best for MVP development?

The primary reason for selecting Flutter for MVP development is its scalability and flexibility. Hence, programmers can easily code a feature-rich and flexible user interface with this platform. Therefore, MVPs are easily created using the in-built widgets for the material design.

3. What is the MVP pattern in Flutter?

Usually, MVP consists of model view and presenter and is tied in such a way that it is View in the topmost layer, which is responsible for showing data to the user and taking data from the user. The presenter is in the middle of the View, and it takes the data from the model.

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