Life at BOSC

By creating an environment of equality, transparency, and exciting professional growth opportunities, we continuously seek to ensure that every BOSCIAN achieves a healthy work-life balance. You can be sure that you are in for an exhilarating ride, complete with enjoyable activities, games, wellness & skills development sessions, and much more.

life @ bosc

As 2023 started, we were already ready with the list of events and our most awaited work trip scheduled in early 2023 to enjoy and celebrate with our workmates. And the long list of festivals and team events we love celebrating together at BOSC.

Spreading Festive Cheer: Selfies and Smiles at BOSC Christmas

BOSC’s Christmas celebration was filled with festive cheer. The team indulged in a delightful game of Secret Santa, exchanging thoughtful gifts. Selfies captured the joyous moments, spreading smiles all around. The highlight was the scrumptious muffins treat that added a sweet note to the festivities, making it a memorable Christmas at BOSC.

From Strength to Strength: Celebrated BOSC's 4th Anniversary

4 Years of Success: BOSC’s Journey from Strength to Strength 🎉
With over 45 dedicated team members and a thriving network of 100+ satisfied clients, our 4th anniversary marks a remarkable milestone. As we look back on our journey, we are excited about the growth and opportunities that lie ahead. Thank you for being a part of our success story!

Beyond Boundaries: Camaraderie and Competition at BOSC Cricket

TBOSC Cricket Tournament 2023 showcased an exciting clash among four dynamic teams. Each squad, brimming with talented players, brought their unique style and strategy to the pitch, creating an unforgettable sporting spectacle. The camaraderie and competitive spirit among the teams elevated the tournament, making it a memorable event for players and spectators alike.

BOSC Diwali: Dazzling Lights, Rangolis, and Fireworks

BOSC team celebrated Diwali in grand style. Our office was transformed with vibrant rangolis, adding a splash of color and tradition. Sparkling lights and festive decorations set the mood, while a spectacular fireworks show lit up the evening. The team captured these joyous moments with selfies, creating lasting memories of a Diwali filled with laughter, light, and unity.

Fueling Creativity: BOSC's Upgraded Workspace

BOSC’s new office space is a testament to growth and prosperity. The spacious layout provides ample room for creativity and collaboration. The addition of a cafeteria ensures that team members can refuel while connecting with colleagues. Indoor games add a fun element to the work environment, fostering a healthy work-life balance. The upgraded infrastructure reflects BOSC’s commitment to providing a comfortable and inspiring workspace for its employees.

BOSC's Navratri Bliss: Tradition, Togetherness, and Joy!

At BOSC, Navratri was a vibrant celebration of tradition and togetherness. Our workspace transformed with colleagues donning traditional attire, and the heartbeat of the celebration was the energetic dance of Garba Ramzat. Beyond the festivities, Navratri at BOSC became a journey of shared moments and deep connections, symbolizing our commitment to joyous togetherness and cultural pride.

Ganpati Visarjan Celebrations

With heartfelt devotion and boundless enthusiasm, we bid adieu to Lord Ganesha at BOSC’s Ganpati Visarjan. The air was filled with the resounding chants of “Ganpati Bappa Morya,” symbolizing our deep love for the Elephant God knowing that He will return next year to bless us once again. From traditional aartis to shared moments with family and friends, Saturday was the day of spiritual bliss and togetherness.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

What an incredible day it was!
The BOSC family came together in full spirit to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, and here are some of the unforgettable moments from our joyous celebration. Let’s cherish these moments and carry the blessings of Lord Ganesha with us throughout the year. Until next year, Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Cloud Native Meetups

This time BOSC indulged in a Cloud Native Meetup wherein many professionals, developers, engineers, and enthusiasts who are interested in topics related to cloud computing, containers, microservices, serverless computing, and DevOps practices came together and shared their knowledge. It was an amazing session in BOSC.

Janmashtami Celebrations

We added a unique spin to our Janmashtami celebrations on this auspicious day by hosting a Blindfold Matkifod (pot-breaking) competition. With blindfolds securely in place, participants showcased their agility, concentration, and teamwork as they attempted to break the ‘matki’ (clay pot) suspended high above. This fun-filled event not only brought joy and laughter but also served as a reminder of Lord Krishna’s mischievous yet inspiring spirit.

Campus Placements

Campus placement at universities is a valuable strategy for organizations like BOSC to attract top talent and contribute to the development of the field of bioinformatics. It provides students with opportunities to gain real-world experience and contribute to open-source projects and research initiatives. The BOSC Team conducted different campus interviews and selected top-notch candidates from these universities.

Independence Day Celebrations

We’re absolutely delighted to share the vibrant moments from our unforgettable Independence Day celebration at BOSC Tech Labs Private Limited. The spirit of unity, patriotism, and camaraderie filled the air as we came together to honor our nation’s freedom and the journey that led us here.

Flutter Meetups

BOSC has organized one of the most trending Meetups of Flutter wherein so many flutter enthusiasts join us and share their knowledge. Technology is the new trend and so is BOSC. we are continuously trying to cope with the latest technology trends going on in the market. Organizing such a session is the cherry on the ice cream and this time it is a big pond of knowledge for Flutter Developers

Employee Rewards & Recognitions

BOSC never fails to appreciate its employees for their hard work. We work harder to get what we want and celebrate every quarter. So here are a few glimpses of the winners and quarter-end party for the year 2023.

Holi Celebrations

We celebrated the colors of our beautiful relationship and spread some color in each other’s lives. This is how we enjoyed this festival. We have set up the wall canvas where BOSC employees dip their hands and put the mark on the canvas.

Happy Holi…

International Women's Day

We celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of women around the globe today. Let’s toast to progress, equality, and mutual assistance. Gentlemen’s of BOSC has shared some personalized messages for wonder ladies of BOSC.

Charity Events

We believe in sharing is caring and it is best when it is for the needy ones. BOSC is on a mission to help the needy as much as possible. we are indulging in this activity every month and try to donate food packets, blankets, and necessary things that can help someone.

Birthday Celebrations

When someone near and dear to you turns another year older, you’ll want to do everything you can to make their day extra memorable. This is how BOSC celebrates the Birthdays of its employees.

Republic Day Celebrations

Republic Day, which is celebrated on 26th January every year, holds a special place in the hearts of Indians. It marks the day when the Constitution of India came into effect (26th January 1950), and India has officially declared a sovereign democratic republic. Here are the few glimpses how BOSC celebrated this Republic Day.

Angular Meetups

Technology is the new trend and so is BOSC. we are continuously trying to cope with the latest technology trends going on in the market.  Organizing such a session is the cherry on the ice cream.

Qaafirana- Trip

With the New Year vibe still buzzing, we planned a one-day outing at 100 Acers, bringing together all the employees with their friends & family. The day was a complete blast of outdoor team games like cricket, kho-kho, pool volleyball, lawn tennis, badminton, and indoor games like chess, carrom, snooker, table tennis, foosball, and so much more. Moreover, we celebrated the great work contributions of the top employees of the quarter with our Employee recognition awards.

Team Day

In the first week of January, we organized Teams day at BOSC and had all the teams dressed in different colors. Our Sales team was in Yellow & Blue, the Marketing team in Green & blue, the development teams were in Black & blue, and the management team in white & blue. The day was well spent capturing teams’ pictures and celebrating all the blocks that come together to make BOSC.